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HAchubby responds to criticisms of “overreacting” during Twitch stream

Published: 14/Apr/2020 2:16

by Andrew Amos


Korean Twitch star ‘HAchubby’ has responded to critics who claim the streamer constantly “overreacts” on stream, saying she’s “been a little different” for the last few weeks and has been struggling with her English.

HAchubby was the poster girl for Korean Twitch streamers for months. She was loved for her quirky little streams at her job as a cashier, using streaming as a chance to learn English and interact with others.

However, her emotions have also paved the way for her fair share of critics. She’s been labeled as an actor by some, accused of overreacting for no apparent reason.


Twitter: HAchubby
HAchubby is back after a break from streaming, and she took some time to respond to her critics.

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While she already has a rather loud stream personality, HAchubby went to set the record straight on April 13.

After she received messages from followers about her supposed unusual behavior on stream, she opened up about her recent struggles, and how streaming has become an emotional outlet for her.

“Obviously I’ve been a little different for the past two weeks,” she said, via Google Translate. “It may have something to do with my psychological state. Two months ago, I was very frustrated with my English, and then I felt so much guilt, because I showed [my viewers] how sad and frustrated I was.


“I really regret that time, because I don’t want to convey gloomy feelings to people. Many people are already depressed and frustrated in their lives. I thought maybe I made their grief bigger. I was so sorry to the viewers.”

However, instead of reflecting on her English struggles, she tried to focus on positives. She wanted to become someone people could watch to just relax. She had been restrained her whole life, stating she had been working jobs that forced her to be a prim-and-proper role model.

Streaming gave her the chance to become herself again, and she seized the opportunity.


“I no longer wanted to give people the energy of depression and frustration,” she added. “I think that’s why I tried to laugh more on purpose. Yeah, I think it was a little unnatural, just as adults act like clowns to make a crying child laugh.

Twitch: HAchubby
HAchubby told fans she “doesn’t want to pretend to be normal.”

“For so many years I have lived with restraint in most of my emotions. Ever since I started the stream, all of my emotions have started to explode. I could dance, laugh, and do strange things. I think I was too excited. I really felt like I found myself, so I flew off completely.


“Maybe I look strange to some people, like an actor. It’s your decision to think [that] about me. I seem to have revealed the emotions that I’ve held back in my life through the stream. [None of it] was made up. Maybe I was just a little crazy.”

Her fans came out with love and support for the streamer after the heart-felt message, before she kicked off another five-hour broadcast.

The critics will always come back, but HAchubby isn’t going to bother with them, and instead focus on just being herself.