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HAchubby breaks down crying over decision to stream less on Twitch

Published: 13/Feb/2020 1:28

by Brent Koepp


Popular Korean streamer HAchubby broke down in tears during her February 12 broadcast when she announced to her viewers that she would be taking a step back from streaming on Twitch.

The Korean personality was one of the breakout stars of Twitch in 2019. The streamer’s viewership exploded as she documented her journey to learn English through chat and meme culture.

However, HAchubby has now announced that she is putting the brakes on her career. Giving a tearful speech during latest broadcast, she explained to her fans why she wouldn’t be streaming as often.

Instagram: @hachubbytv
The popular Korean streamer announced she is stepping back from Twitch.

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HAchubby gets emotional during announcement

The streamer was in the middle of her broadcast when she began to get emotional. Using a translator, she told her audience that she was going to make an announcement. She started to tear up as she typed.


She then revealed that she planned on studying English to improve her speaking skills. “Ladies and Gentleman, I’m going to do my best for you. Everyone, I really want to do my best to study this time,” the translator read.

However she broke into full-on crying,when she revealed that she was also going to be taking a step back from Twitch to complete her goals of becoming fluent in the second language.

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After re-writing the message several times, she then stated, “I want to invest a lot of time and I think this is the last chance. I probably think more time should be reduced to the stream. I’m really sorry.”


Despite the surprising announcement, she did clarify that she will broadcast once or twice a week. The streamer, however, choked back tears when she received donations from viewers who said they loved her stream the way it was.

The Korean also said she was “worried” about all the people who said her broadcasts helped them in their depression. But wished them to be happy and healthy, and while she is reducing her streaming, she will be writing on her blog.

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The emotional decision came fresh off her return from her January trip to America, where she collaborated with other Twitch personalities such as Pokimane and the OfflineTV crew.


It’s unclear what sparked this move, but it appears HAchubby wants to master English so that she can better understand her audience and express herself more to them.