H3H3’s Ethan Klein slams Logan Paul for Roman Atwood stalker comments

Published: 31/Jan/2021 12:46 Updated: 31/Jan/2021 13:00

by Virginia Glaze


Ethan Klein of comedy duo H3H3 along with KEEMSTAR have hit out at Logan Paul after the YouTuber-turned-pro boxer claimed that the stalker of fellow creator Roman Atwood should have gone after them, instead.


For those out of the loop, this YouTube feud started after influencer Roman Atwood — the popular patriarch behind his viral family vlogs — opened up about his year-long break from content creation, claiming that stalkers had been threatening his family’s safety.

According to Atwood, the stalkers changed his family’s mailing address, sent them photos from their private home security system, and even called in a bomb threat during a family funeral.

Needless to say, this shocking development was quick to make the rounds between other influencers, even becoming a topic of discussion on Logan Paul’s popular ‘Impaulsive’ podcast.

It seems that Paul was quite riled up about the situation, even going so far as to say that the stalker should have gone after popular drama channels such as H3H3, calling him and other similar personalities “the scum of the internet.”

“Why couldn’t they get like, the scum of the internet?” Paul asked. “Like KEEMSTAR or H3H3? Honestly!”

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t sit well with Klein, who shot back at Logan in a series of video responses — including a humorous TikTok and YouTube stream.

“HAHAHAHA!” Klein laughed. “He does not know how f**king petty I am. I am the king of petty beef, and if this b*tch wants to step in, all I needed was a crumb, and this b*tch handed me the fucking loaf!”

@ethankleinh3live now♬ original sound – Ethan Klein

In his YouTube broadcast, Klein was quick to remind Logan that he and his wife had been swatted on three separate occasions, and even had to move because of these incidents.

“I don’t know if that’s enough harassment for you to be satisfied,” he hit back. “Roman Atwood has kids, but Logan’s like, ‘Ethan’s kids don’t matter. Let’s send them to harass Ethan.’”

“If you’re Logan Paul, you stop short at calling people ‘scum of the internet,’” he continued. “You have a long and illustrious past, which you’re very happy for people to forget, because you’ve apparently evolved, right?”

(Topic begins at 2:10)

KEEMSTAR responds to Logan Paul

KEEMSTAR, who was also mentioned by Logan, had his own video response on Twitter on January 30. “First of all, I have kids,” he said, “H3H3 has kids. Why would you even say that, Logan, that’s so messed up.”

He continued by saying, “I hate H3H3, he is the scum of the Earth, but I wouldn’t want any of my fans to harass him in real life. And I would hope that I would get the same respect back from Ethan, that he wouldn’t want his fans to harass me in real life – even though his fans did, and have.”

Although Logan Paul has yet to officially respond to Klein’s callout at the time of writing, this is one beef that we didn’t expect to come out of 2021 — although at this point, it seems almost anything is on the table.


Froste wins Nadeshot Twitter bet to give 100 Thieves CEO hilarious tattoo

Published: 26/Feb/2021 2:05 Updated: 26/Feb/2021 2:15

by Andrew Amos


100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag made a bet with streamer ‘Froste’ on Twitter. Get 100,000 retweets, and he’d get one of the most ridiculous tattoos ever. Froste took up the challenge, and won in just over 90 minutes, rallying the gaming community like never before.

Retweet challenges for free merch, ludicrous stunts, and other big things have gone viral before. However, none have gone as viral, as fast, and for as drastic a consequence, like Froste’s hilarious tattoo bet with Nadeshot.

It started rather simply. Nadeshot shared a photo of his new tattoo with the caption of “another one down, a million more to go until this arm is filled up.”

Froste took that “million more” as a challenge. “How many retweets on a tweet for you to get ‘Sex is temporary, gaming is forever’ tatted on you?” he asked.

Nadeshot set the bar at 100,000, confident that Froste wouldn’t win the bet because he “don’t have that type of pull.” Oh, how wrong Nadeshot was.

As soon as Froste called the gamers to assemble, thousands of retweets started pouring in. It started off with other 100 Thieves content creators like Valkyrae. Then, all the big names got in on it.

Ninja, CouRage, DrLupo, Timthetatman ⁠— even Zedd got in with their retweets. Esports orgs like Cloud9, G2 Esports, and Ninjas in Pyjamas helped out Froste with the bet too, and the CDL and Raven Software even took up the cause.

As the retweets kept flooding in, Nadeshot got more nervous.

“It’s already at 10k? You’re lying. You’re lying. It ain’t at 10k already. You’re lying,” he said on stream while the challenge was going down.

“First of all, Ninjas in Pyjamas, I respect everything you’ve done in this space. Used to be a fan when I was younger, but why did you retweet that and why are you in my chat,” he added later on, singling out the Swedish org.

“This is my body forever, and it was Froste ⁠— I didn’t think Froste was ever capable of bringing the gaming community together.”

Once it hit the point of no return, Nadeshot resigned to the fact that the gaming community hated him. Well, not really, but kind of. “Why are you guys doing this, I thought you were my friends,” he said on Twitter, dejected.

Then, when the moment finally ticked over, he turned on Arms of an Angel and wept on stream.

Will Nadeshot follow with the bet? Yes, yes he will.

“Just so I have it on the record; I haven’t decided where I’m going to get the tattoo, but yes, I’m a man of my word and I’m going to get the tattoo,” he said on stream.

He even raised the stakes. With Froste getting 100,000 with ease, Nadeshot believes he can go bigger and get a million. The prize? Picking where he has to get the tattoo.

“If it gets a million retweets, the internet gets to pick where I put it on my body — wait, besides my face! Besides my face,” he said.

Now, the community is holding their breath for what will be one of the greatest moments of 2021. Let’s just hope 100 Thieve’ sponsors don’t pull out after the hilarious stunt.