Bryce Hall pokes fun at “biggest fan” Dave Portnoy in YouTube video

Bryce Hall Dave Portnoy DramaYouTube: Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall called out Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports in a YouTube video titled “A Message To My Biggest Fan” after posting a tweet about influencer drama hours before.

Bryce Hall says he does his best to stay out of influencer drama. However, sometimes the drama finds him, like when FaZe Jarvis leaked Addison Rae’s number.

It prompted a back and forth between them on social media, which ultimately drove Bryce to leak Jarvis’ number in retaliation.

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The feud between them has more or less faded, and he’s kept out of trouble ever since. But unfortunately, it seems like he’s been roped into influencer drama yet again, and this time, it involves Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports.

Bryce Hall DronesInstagram: Bryce Hall
It sounds like Bryce Hall has had enough of Dave Portnoy’s fascination with him.

It all started when Bryce posted a cryptic tweet about influencer drama in general. “I get second-hand embarrassment too much from some of the drama that these influencers are starting,” he wrote.

Nobody had any idea what he was talking about. It seemed a bit out of the blue since there wasn’t too much drama happening in the scene. So, most people didn’t think much of it.

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However, hours later, he followed it up with a YouTube video titled, ‘A Message To My Biggest Fan,’ in which he calls out Dave Portnoy.

“Listen, Dave, I don’t have a problem with you,” he said. “You even said you wanted to mend our relationship in 2021. I mean, even if it just for views. Dave has mentioned me countless times, comparing me to Sid the Sloth from Ice Age and being as soft as tissue paper.”

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“As you can tell, he’s a huge fan. Look how many times he’s mentioned me in a story without a single response. That’s a lot.” He pointed towards a pop-up picture that shows eight mentions in a single month.

“So, Dave, this is my message to you. If you want to be on the podcast so bad, maybe be stop talking sh*t about people half your age.”

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Dave has posted twice on social media since the video was released. However, he hasn’t responded yet. Still, it’s only a matter of time before he sees the video if he hasn’t already.

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It will be interesting to see if he responds at all and whether he will use it as a reason to invite Bryce onto the podcast and bury the hatchet once and for all.

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