H3H3’s Ethan Klein explains why he hesitates to call PewDiePie a “friend”

Brent Koepp

[jwplayer WoEIAzj2]During the May 9 episode of the H3 podcast, host Ethan Klein opened up about his relationship with Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg. The comedian congratulated the the Swede on his streaming deal with YouTube Gaming. 

It’s been years since H3H3 and PewDiePie have collaborated together. On the H3 podcast, the Swedish entertainer being on the show only to cancel at the last minute has become a running gag.

This has left some fans wondering if they are still close. During the show’s latest episode, host Ethan Klein opened up to viewers about how he sees their relationship, and revealed they don’t actually talk very often.

H3H3’s Ethan Klein clarifies friendship with PewDiePie

During the latest episode of the H3 podcast, Ethan congratulated Pewds on signing a major deal with YouTube Gaming to stream exclusively on their platform. The host called it a “reconciliation between YouTube and PewDiePie.”

However upon congratulating him, he stopped short of calling him a friend. “So congratulations to my uh.. What is PewDiePie? I hesitate to call him… To my good dude PewDiePie on his exclusive streaming deal!” The podcast’s producer then cut in and asked, “You can’t call him a friend?”

Klein replied, “I think I can call him a friend. Frankly we don’t talk that much. We do talk occasionally. We are definitely friendly. I would hesitate to call him a friend. I don’t want to overstate the closeness. I think a friend is regular contact. We’re friendly, we are definitely friendly.”

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In 2015, PewDiePie flew out to Los Angeles to film the second season of ‘Scare PewDiePie.’ Before leaving, he sat down for an interview with Ethan, in what would end up becoming the second episode of the podcast.

The Swede also helped promote the newly launched show, commenting on the video in 2016 and stating “Only podcast I’m tuned in for am, thanks for having me on!”

The Swedish star helped promote the launch of the podcast back in 2016.

The two creators have not made content together since their 2017 collaboration, however Klein has praised the Swedish star on his show in the past.  In August 2019, the host stated he deserved his success exclaiming, “He grinds so hard. He’s been doing it for so long.”

Only time will tell if the two creators will ever collaborate again. For now, fans will have to settle on being teased each week that PewDiePie will be “definitely” be on the H3 podcast… Next time.

On May 5, the Swedish entertainer celebrated his 10th anniversary on YouTube. While reflecting on his career, he mentioned a vlog he had made with Ethan and Hila, so who knows – maybe the door is still open for a reunion in the future.