H3H3 Productions podcast hosts react to pregnancy news live on set

Charlotte Colombo

Hila Klein discovered that she and husband Ethan are now expecting parents-to-be while recording the H3 After Dark podcast.

Towards the beginning of the podcast, which was broadcast on May 28, Ethan cryptically revealed there was a bit of “tension” going on between between the two, saying “there was something going on that we’re not sure that we should talk about, but I don’t want to make Hila uncomfortable.”

“We’ve always been so open about our journey, like the ups and downs,” Ethan continued, “but [Hila] has been peeing on a stick and getting faint second lines.” He added the pair were “95%” sure about the pregnancy, with Hila adding: “Let’s just say I didn’t get my period.”

Explaining she had gone to the fertility doctor for blood tests earlier in the day, Hila said that they were expecting a call about the results during the show while it was being filmed live on May 28, adding “It’s such an emotional rollercoaster because I’m also on hormones, so I don’t want to get too depressed if it doesn’t happen.”

Two hours later, in the closing moments of the podcast, Hila’s doctor confirmed via text message that the results were in and that Hila was, in her words, “super pregnant.”

The two hugged, with Ethan yelling: “I knew it” as the studio erupted with applause. Ethan then posted the announcement via Twitter, where they received congratulations from YouTuber Colleen Ballinger – who is also pregnant following a miscarriage – and future sister in law and podcast co-host Trisha Paytas, who said in a Tweet that she was crying “so many happy tears.”


Fans also seemed thrilled by the announcement, with one Twitter user calling it “so damn wholesome” while another joked that with all the pregnancy announcements recently, “there must be something in the YouTube water.”

Ethan and Hila spoke about their struggles to have a second child earlier this year, as they revealed in February they had decided to undergo fertility treatment after being unable to get pregnant naturally.

This will be the Kleins’ second child after they welcomed their first son Theodore in June 2019.