Mike Majlak called out for “toxic” video teaching viewers how to talk to girls

Georgina Smith
Mike Majlak in a YouTube videoYouTube: Mike Majlak

YouTuber Mike Majlak has come under fire for a YouTube video in which he analyzes himself picking up an Instagram model, and gives advice to his viewers on how to talk to women.

On May 20, Mike uploaded a YouTube video titled “Picking up an Instagram model live on Twitch” that showed him reacting to a stream where he spoke to model Ashley Schwartz.

The original stream just showed them getting to know each other and having a fairly ordinary conversation.

But in a subsequent stream and YouTube video, Mike filmed himself as he analyzed the clip of himself talking to Ashley, while also sharing advice with his viewers on how to successfully pick up women.

The YouTuber explained: “I think it’s important you guys understand. One thing that girls really love, is they love to know that you care. They love to know that you’re paying attention, and that you wanna know about them. This is really tough for me because I am an egotistical psychopath, and so really I’d love to talk about myself when possible. I’m working on it, as you can tell guys, I’m f**king working on it.”

Some viewers disagreed with the content, and a new thread posted by commentary YouTuber Def Noodles on May 29 re-sparked backlash toward the video.

One YouTube commenter wrote: “Cries about being called a misogynist then posts a video of doing pick-up artistry on someone close to half his age,” and called the video “toxic.” Another said: “I can’t tell if Mike is being serious in this video.”

Comment under Mike Majlak YouTuber video

YouTube comment on Mike Majlak's video

While there was backlash, there were also some viewers who enjoyed the video, with over 1.9 likes at the time of writing.

Mike and his girlfriend Lana broke up in February, which, as he revealed on the Impaulsive podcast, was a “mutual decision” between the pair.