Why did UCNick delete his TikTok account? Nick and Brandy TikTok drama explained

Charlotte Colombo
Twitter: Nick Ray

Popular TikTok personality Nick Lambert, also known as UCNick, has deleted his TikTok account following accusations of sexual harassment.

Fellow TikToker Brandy Renee, who is known for her cosplaying of characters like Velma, made the accusations via a series of Tweets on May 27. In the Tweets, she claimed that she had “cut ties” with the creator because he had been sexually harassing her since November. She also accused Lamberof “using his clout as a manipulation tactic” to try and pressure her into making explicit content with him.

Brandy also Tweeted that upon telling her two friends, aged 18 and 20, about her experience, they too came out and said that they had been harassed by the creator.

Who is Brandy from UCNick TikTok drama?

“I am extremely upset that my friends were affected and this could have been potentially stopped sooner if I had come out publicly, months ago, when this first started,” Brandy wrote.

She continued: “No man should EVER sexually harass a girl. Nick is a boy using his clout to manipulate and prey on girls. He needs to be confronted and held accountable for his actions.”

Since going public with these allegations, Brandy revealed on Twitter that “over a dozen” young women between the ages of 16 and 21 had come forward with allegations against Lambert.

UCNick TikTok apology

Following these accusations, Nick took to his TikTok to say in a now-deleted video that while it was true that he had sexual conversations with Brandy, these conversations were consensual.

He also claimed that upon showing the conversations to his parents, they also said that they appeared consensual.

TikTok: Nick Ray
In a TikTok, Nick Lambert apologized for his actions and vowed to seek help before shutting down his account.

In the video, which he made shortly before shutting down his TikTok account, Nick also said that he is leaving social media to get therapy and “take accountability for his actions.”

In text appearing on the now-deleted video, Nick added: “I can’t tell you how sorry I am for letting you down and for hurting all the victims.”

Who is UCNick?

Nick Lambert, who is better known by his online moniker ‘UCNick’, is a rising internet star based in California. Prior to his TikTok account’s deletion, it had nearly three million followers.

Over on TikTok, he has built a fanbase through his POVs, cosplays – most notably of Spiderman and Deadpool – and comedy sketches.

He also has a presence on Twitch and YouTube, where he streams himself playing games like Fortnite, and prior to deactivating his account, had a sizeable following on Instagram.

Following his apology on May 28, Lambert has not spoken any further about the allegations made against him.