Groom under fire for texting while walking down the aisle

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A distracted groom is coming under fire after getting caught texting while walking with his newly-wedded wife down the aisle after saying their vows.

Weddings are supposed to be fun-filled affairs celebrating the joining of two families — but more often than not, these big events can become catalysts for major drama.

We’ve covered a heap of shocking wedding moments here on Dexerto, from guests getting slammed for wearing white dresses to their friend’s wedding to brides blacking out after having a little too much fun at their receptions… but this latest viral wedding situation is dropping jaws all across the internet.

Picture this: You’re walking down the aisle with your partner after saying your vows when they pull out their phone and start texting someone, seemingly oblivious to the guests giving you their well-wishes and congratulations.

Groom faces backlash for texting at wedding ceremony

That’s exactly what happened to one bride after she and her brand-new hubby were walking out of a church after tying the knot, surrounded by friends and family congratulating them on their nuptials.

A fifty-second clip of the moment shows the couple walking out of a church, during most of which the groom completely absorbed with his phone. That’s not all; at around thirty seconds in, the couple seems to have a bit of a tense conversation before making their way out of the venue.

A video from the wedding was reposted from TikTok user ‘Cynthia Umunze’ to Twitter with the caption: “My body is here with you, but my mind is outside of town.”

The clip has gone viral, amassing over 42 million views in just three days after being posted on June 2 — and commenters aren’t happy with the groom.

“Y’all relationship truly inspire me… to be single,” one user wrote.

“This is what he needs,” another wrote, attaching a photo of an old-fashioned ‘knuckle-sandwich.’

“This better be a skit,” another said. “If not, baby girl get an annulment NOW!”

For now, it’s not clear what the couple was discussing in the video — but it does look like Cynthia’s TikTok video was deleted, and her account is nowhere to be found.

This is just the latest jaw-dropping wedding video to take over the internet after commenters became furious with a groom’s explicit wedding vows that compared his wife and actress Margot Robbie, among other… interesting tidbits.

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