Bride’s friend blasts ‘disrespectful’ wedding guests for wearing white dresses

Kawter Abed
Wedding guest wearing white gown, bride's reaction

A bride’s friend called out two wedding guests in a viral TikTok, after they showed up to the ceremony in white dresses.

In a viral nine-second clip with over 40 million views, TikToker Isabella Santos Giha blasted two guests, who were wearing white gowns to the ceremony.

“Two girls wore WHITE at my friend’s wedding,” she wrote in the text-overlay of the video, as she filmed a guest wearing a floor-length lace gown, which appeared to be a pale peach or off-white color.

The other guest was seen donning a white off-the-shoulder gown with a white lace overlay. Isabella claimed that the woman was wearing a “legit wedding dress.”

She then recorded the blushing bride in her ballgown-style dress. According to the content creator, she ended up being “sad” because the guests had clashed with her on her big day.

“Please never wear WHITE at someone’s wedding. It is sad and disrespect[ful],” Isabella added in the caption of the video.

TikTok reacts to guests wearing white to wedding

Many TikTok users in the comments were sympathetic with the bride, saying wedding guests should know better than to wear white.

“Disrespectful. She looked SO beautiful regardless!” one person wrote. “Like come on they know! Everyone knows! If you’re not the bride you don’t wear white!” another added. “I can’t believe the audacity some people have,” a third wrote.

While the majority of viewers condemned the guests’ outfits, there were some that defended the women on the basis that the wedding etiquette rule is only common in some cultures. “Laughs in Nigerian culture. I recently realized this was a thing,” one said. “Is this an American thing?” another asked.

Others shared their own similar experiences. “My mother-in-law wore a white gown. I was so shocked when I walked down the aisle and saw her standing there,” one commented. “My mother wore a white wedding dress to my wedding” someone else shared.

This isn’t the first time such a controversy has got TikTok up in arms either. Back in February, a bride called out her mother-in-law for her white dress too.