Grimes accidentally punched Bella Poarch in the face on set of ‘Dolls’ video

Virginia Glaze
Grimes punches bella poarch dolls music video fight scene

Music artist Grimes accidentally landed a sucker punch on Bella Poarch’s face while filming their epic fight scene for the ‘Dolls’ music video — and the internet is gobsmacked.

Bella Poarch unleashed the cinematic music video for her latest song ‘Dolls’ this July, and fans have already watched it over 8.7 million times on YouTube.

The action-packed video includes a fast-paced fight between Bella Poarch (who plays a humanoid robot that breaks free from its programming) and Grimes, who portrays an android assassin working for the opposition.

While their fight ends in a mutual understanding that both women have a common enemy, it features some majorly kick-ass moments — like Grimes literally Hulk-smashing Bella Poarch into the floor.

Poarch Grimes Dolls set
Poarch and Grimes teamed up for an epic fight scene.

However, fans might not know that things actually got physical for real during filming. Behind the scenes footage of the video shows Grimes and Poarch exchanging fake “blows” before Grimes actually landed a punch to Poarch’s face.

Grimes instantly stopped the choreography to ask the shocked Poarch if she was alright. It looks as though the ‘Dolls’ singer was just fine, and their fight scene obviously came out flawlessly.

Fans can’t help but point out the fact that Grimes asked Poarch if she’d ever been punched in the face prior to filming the fight scene, and Poarch herself expressed some fear before the cameras rolled: “I don’t know. I’m like, scared. I might hit her. She might hit me.”

(Topic begins at 0:20)

That’s not all; Grimes even admitted that she might win in a real fight between herself and Poarch… provided she could “cheat” and if it were a “fight to the death.”

Fans are rolling over the unexpected moment, with some even suggesting the gals go head-to-head for the next Creator Clash.

bella poarch punch reaction instagram copy
Commenters had some hilarious responses to Grimes’ accidental punch.

While it’s clear there’s nothing but love between these powerhouse artists, this slip-up certainly made for a hilarious clip that has fans laughing out loud… but Bella’s past military training could give her a leg up if she ever decides to get into boxing.