Bella Poarch says training for Grimes fight in ‘Dolls’ music video was “scary”

Virginia Glaze
Bella Poarch says Dolls fight scene with Grimes was scary to film

Bella Poarch just released the music video for her latest song, ‘Dolls,’ which features an action-packed fight with Grimes — but training for the epic scene was a little “scary.”

Bella Poarch has finally released the sequel to her viral track ‘Build a Bitch,’ which debuted just over a year ago.

Both songs boast music videos of near-cinematic quality, following the story of a rogue doll (played by Poarch) who breaks out of the factory that made her before recruiting her fellow dolls to burn the facility to the ground.

bella poarch dolls
Bella Poarch plays a cybernetic doll with a robot arm in ‘Dolls.’

In ‘Dolls,’ Poarch takes on the shadowy organization behind the doll-making factory and faces off with Grimes, who plays a cybernetic assassin created by the evil conglomerate.

The fight features some over-the-top action: At one point, Grimes “Hulk-Smashes” Poarch (who fights back using her special robotic arm) to the ground like a ragdoll before kicking her through a wall.

Poarch says that she and Grimes went through extensive training for the explosive fight scene, but admitted that the whole ordeal was a little intimidating.

“It was fun and kind of scary, to be honest,” Poarch said of the scene in an interview with NME. “Grimes and I had to go through fight training and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve done in a while.”

The video is one of Poarch’s most ambitious projects yet, which she says was inspired by her love of anime series and Zach Snyder’s action film ‘Sucker Punch.’

“I grew up watching a lot of anime and Tim Burton films,” she added. “I love mixing the dark aesthetic with the cute pastels. I’m also a huge fan of ‘Sucker Punch,’ so I named the robot arm ‘sucker punch.'”

This marks Poarch’s third original song, featuring a slew of high-profile influencers like Hasan, Sykkuno, Ludwig, Dream, and more.

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