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TikTok’s Jaden Hossler accused of cheating with ‘homewrecker’ Mads Lewis

Published: 12/Sep/2020 18:11 Updated: 6/Oct/2020 10:18

by Charlotte Colombo


In a string of dramatic videos by the alleged ex’s friend, TikTok personality Jaden Hossler has been accused of cheating on ex girlfriend Lelianna with Mads Lewis – his current squeeze and fellow TikTok star.

With 8.1 million followers on TikTok and 4.1 million followers on Instagram, Jaden Hossler is well on his way to becoming an established member of the influencer scene.

He’s hot on the heels of his girlfriend, rising star Madison ‘Mads’ Lewis who, with 10.5 million TikTok followers and 5.3 million Instagram followers, has already made quite a name for herself.

However, the course to true love never did run smooth, as evidenced by fresh allegations surrounding the couple that rocked TikTok in September.


Instagram: madslewis
Jaden and Mads are set to be TikTok’s next big power couple.

How it all unfolded

TikTok user geminibaby6969 claims to be the best friend of Hossler’s ex-girlfriend Lelianna. She has uploaded a series of TikToks to “expose” not just Hossler’s cheating, but also Mads’ “attacking” response to Lelianna blocking her.

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The user claims that Lelianna was Hossler’s girlfriend before he got famous, and that unbeknown to her, he was dating Mads at the same time. He then went public with his relationship with Mads at a social media event.

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This led to his devastated ex blocking Mads on social media to avoid seeing the two together, but this then allegedly escalated to a “salty” Mads reaching out to Hossler’s ex, saying to her on Snapchat: “you should have more respect for yourself honey.”


According to the user, Hossler was “unfaithful to Leli with Mads and unfaithful to Mads with Leli” – although she also accuses Mads of “homewreck[ing] [her] friend’s relationship.”

@geminibaby6969##duet with @geminibaby6969♬ original sound – stirrer3

This isn’t the first time Hossler has been accused of cheating either.

After his own cheating scandal involving ex-girlfriend Charli D’Amelio, fellow influencer Chase Hudson called out Hossler for not only “actively trying to hook up with Dixie [D’Amilio]”, but also for cheating on Mads an “endless amount of times […] for the past few months.”

It seems like Hossler and Lewis were able to get through that first round of cheating allegations together, but the real question is whether their relationship will survive this latest controversy.