Dixie D’Amelio hits out at critics for harassing Griffin Johnson

Alice Hearing
Dixie D'Amelio and Griffin JohnsonInstagram: Dixie D'Amelio/ Instagram: Griffin Johnson

Dixie D’Amelio has spoken out on Twitter, defending ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson, after he has been repeatedly harassed by fans upset about the pair’s breakup. 

In a tweet on Friday, August 14, Dixie wrote: “Can y’all stop sending him hate? Things happen its a part of life and growing up. If I’m not going on about it so neither should any of y’all. It hurts me seeing him hurting and it’s just not fair at this point. It’s over. We are fine. Drop it.”

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Griffin Johnson has nearly 9 million TikTok followers and is a member of the Sway creator house in Los Angeles. Griffin also starred alongside his ex Dixie D’Amelio in “Attaway General,” a short drama series from Brat TV on YouTube, so has built himself a sizeable fanbase — and a fair amount of critics, too.

On August 12 Griffin uploaded what appeared to be an apology video to YouTube following his dramatic break up with TikTok royalty Dixie D’Amelio. Following rumors of Johnson’s infidelity, the couple unfollowed each other on social media. Despite denying the cheating allegations at first, D’Amelio soon spoke out to confirm it was true.

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Griffin Johnson on InstagramInstagram: Griffin Johnson
Griffin was recently under fire for posting a fake apology video

Since then, both stars have remained relatively quiet, with fans expecting an apology from Griffin in the near future. However, the video uploaded by Griffin titled “I messed up…” turned out to be the opposite of what anyone expected.

His apology was actually because he didn’t win a bet, which was to reach a million YouTube subscribers before Bryce Hall’s birthday. He even cheekily added in a birthday message for his ex-girlfriend.

Followers of the drama are clearly still upset with Johnson. User Hannah Kosh uploaded a TikTok on Thursday, August 13 saying, “Has anyone else been annoyed recently by one specific Tiktokker who’s been posting a lot of YouTube videos as part of a bet?

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“He’s also been using his Twitter fingers a lot recently just to say some stupid stuff and for like no real reason… Everything he’s doing is just annoying. Now, I’m not gonna say who it is, but he definitely doesn’t know how to make a dinner reservation. So, is it just me or does anyone else here feel the same way?”

Even Heidi D’Amelio, Dixie’s Mom, responded to Hannah’s TikTok and commented, “Agreed.”

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Griffin snapped back in the comments: “You could’ve just done this @imgriffinjohnson,” which has accrued more than 17,000 likes at the time of writing.

He also duetted the video with the caption, “Please let me know how would you act if millions of people were saying things like this to you daily…@ me if you wanna be bold.” The video garnered 1 million views in just 6 hours.

Despite the backlash from the breakup, fans appear to be warming up to him once again. One user wrote, “Dixie and Griffin worked things out privately, we don’t know the full story of their breakup, just a part of it. Hating on him won’t solve a thing,” while another wrote, “If Dixie wasn’t famous, y’all wouldn’t be dragging him like this.”

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