Gamer goes super viral thanks to insane Truck Simulator set up

Joe Craven
American Truck Simulator logo on Gamer Setup

One racing streamer has gone viral online after sharing his insane Truck Simulator set up, complete with seats and surround screens.

Gamers across the world are always interested in streamers’ setups, seeing exactly how they have curated their environment to maximize output and be as successful as possible.

We’ve seen some truly astounding setups over the years, no more so than Tfue. The former Fortnite streamer recently shared his complete setup, with thousands of dollars spent on PC components, keyboards, microphones, and more.

With all due respect to Tfue, though, his setup pales in comparison to that of racing gamer ricotrucker1, who went viral with a jaw-dropping environment designed specifically for Truck Simulator.

Gamer goes viral with crazy Truck Simulator setup

Sharing his setup in a number of TikToks, Rico has kitted out a room with surround screens, proper truck chairs, steering wheel, dashboard, gear stick, mirrors, and much more.

The dashboard is where the attention to detail really flourishes, with countless dials and switches that seem to actually function. There’s even a small area to plug in his mobile phone.

On top of the driver’s setup, there’s a passenger seat and even a detachable microphone, presumably for talking to other truckers.

The result is one of the most immersive gaming setups imaginable, accurately replicating a trucker’s view in nearly every way.

Rico’s original TikToks have amassed millions of views, with members of the gaming community staggered at the commitment shown, as well as the time and money doubtlessly invested.

One respondent jokingly asked: “Why doesn’t he become a real truck driver at this point?”

It’s undoubtedly the best setup we’ve seen and shows incredible attention to detail on behalf of the gamer.