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Game of Thrones’ The Mountain gives hilarious tip on how to “get ladies”

Published: 10/Jun/2020 0:18

by Michael Gwilliam


Icelandic actor, strongman, and Twitch streamer Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, best known for playing The Mountain on Game of Thrones, shared a unique, yet amusing, strategy for picking up women during a June 10 Twitch broadcast.

The 31-year-old has been streaming since March of 2020 and has gained nearly 135,000 followers on that platform, partly due to his popularity on the HBO show but also how he interacts with chat.

During his June 10 stream, the strongman was reading a comment from a viewer claiming that fellow streamer Knut really needed his help on how to “get the ladies.” Being a nice guy, the former professional basketball player decided to help out.


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“So if you want to get the ladies, just remember, show them your chest muscles,” he explained while flexing for the camera. “If they see this, they’re going to jump on you.”

After his brief demonstration, the streamer hyped up the move as having a high success rate.

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“Try it next time and I promise you, it will not fail!” he exclaimed, guaranteeing that the tip would work.

Just then, his wife, Kelsey Henson, asked about the advice and if it was sound.

“I’m just teaching him about how to get the ladies!” Björnsson laughed.


The Mountain frequently trains on Twitch.

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“And what did you say?” she quipped back.

“Move the chest muscles. Right, left, right, left, left, right, left, right,” he explained. “And if you do that they will be very impressed.”

While his wife didn’t seem super impressed with the tip, the strongman wasn’t quick to give up hope in the technique and ended the discussion with the last word: “What? It worked on you!”

You’re in line and GameStop and this guy grabs your girl. What do you do?

Even if the trick doesn’t end up working for his viewers, at least The Mountain can take comfort in knowing it paid dividends when he needed it to in his own life.


Besides, the Game of Thrones actor has other things to worry about, such as his upcoming bout against rival Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall, which many are already touting as “the world’s heavest boxing match.”