KSI floored after reading “rumors” of his own death online - Dexerto

KSI floored after reading “rumors” of his own death online

Published: 9/Jun/2020 21:15

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star KSI has jumped on the “Google Myself” bandwagon, once again — but the results of his latest queries turned up some seriously unusual popular searches.

KSI is one of Britain’s top internet personalities, having made the jump from YouTube comedian to professional boxer and even music star, with his songs boasting multiple features from other top artists in the rap game.

Considering his illustrious career, it comes as little surprise that the online entertainer is a frequented topic on Google — but some of the search queries related to the YouTuber were nothing less than shocking.

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KSI, Instagram
YouTube star KSI took to Google to find out what people were searching about him – and he was shocked by the results.

KSI began his Google adventure in a video on June 9, typing the phrase, “Is KSI” into the search bar. Surprisingly, the term, “Is KSI dead” popped up as the very first result, which the star could hardly believe was circulating the net.

“‘Is KSI dead?’” the star read aloud, incredulous. “Are people really searching that? Wait, what happens if you click it?”

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Unfortunately for KSI, the top result took him to a clickbait video, which promptly mocked the viewer for falling for their “trap” — and that wasn’t the only meme to come out of the situation, with the YouTuber also clicking on a humorous photo of a fan posing with a bandana on the ground.


JJ Olatunji, YouTube
Search queries regarding KSI’s apparent “death” were a common occurrence during his Google adventure.

That wasn’t the last time KSI’s apparent “death” would come up in his Google video, either, with another query stating, “KSI is dying from cancer.”

“You guys are wild!” the star laughed. “Why are you searching this?”

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(Topic begins at 1:04)

KSI isn’t the only YouTuber to have reacted to rumors of their death circling online, by far; makeup mogul James Charles was similarly floored after Googling himself in a December 2019 video, shocked that searches of himself being dead or even “shot” were coming up in popular queries related to his name.

Thankfully, both he and KSI are alive and well, contrary to the rumors and memes — and while both celebs took the odd results in good humor, their videos just go to show how zany the internet can actually be.