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Thor challenges Eddie Hall to boxing match after deadlift world record

Published: 2/May/2020 20:08 Updated: 4/Sep/2020 12:32

by Alan Bernal


The gauntlet has finally been thrown between Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson and Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall as the Game of Thrones star challenged his outspoken rival to a boxing showdown to settle their feud.

As two of the biggest and strongest humans in the world, a sanctioned match between them would be outside of the norm to be classified as Heavyweight or even Super Heavyweight.

But The Mountain looked more than eager to enter the ring in what would have to be the world’s first ‘Titan’ weight division bout.

Eddie Hall Instagram
The feud between The Mountain and The Beast could be decided in the ring.

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In the post-lift interview for his world-record 501 kg (about 1104 lbs.) deadlift, The Mountain didn’t mince words when revealing the next step in his career.


“Core Sports just offered me a seven-figure contract,” he explained. “Eddie Hall has been running his mouth now for weeks and I know he got the same deal. So: Eddie, I just knocked out your record and now I’m ready to knock you out in the ring.”

By his phrasing, it sounds like Core Sports and The Mountain had already discussed a potential match between the two strongman stars.

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After the powder dust settled, the new Deadlift World Record holder told his rival to sign the Core contract to put The Beast’s fists where his mouth is.


The two have been casting stones at each other, but it really ramped up in the weeks prior to Mountain’s attempt at breaking Beast’s 2016 500kg (about 1102 lbs.) deadlift record.

Though Beast shares a competitive respect for his rival – he said he genuinely looked forward to having his record broken prior to The Mountain’s attempt – he wouldn’t recognize the new world record unless it was under the “appropriate” competitive conditions.

Twitch: hafthorjulius
The new world record might go unrecognized for some.

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That sentiment was echoed by huge figures in the scene such as legendary strongman Brian Shaw, who said the home gym attempt would open a “pandora’s box” in the sport.


Comments made by Beast must have rubbed Thor the wrong way, who is now looking to settle their dispute with a battle of the behemoths soon.

Update May 2 12:55 PM PST

The Beast has officially accepted The Mountain’s challenge. In his video, The Beast said he’s taking up The Mountain in his challenge for calling him a “cheat” in 2017.

Now The Beast is out to teach his rival a lesson by “ripping [his] f**king head off.”

The Beast is ready for the challenge of going up against someone with ample height and reach, but it’s been a habit of his to prove doubters wrong.