Gabbie Hanna speaks out after receiving “death threats” at her home

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber and music artist Gabbie Hanna has purportedly received death threats sent to her home address in wake of criticizing commentary channels on YouTube and claiming the platform has “shadow-banned” her.

Hannah spoke out on the issue in a long string of tweets on June 14 and 15, alleging that her own videos weren’t showing up on YouTube after searching for her name in Google’s incognito mode.

Instead, she — and several other fans — were reportedly met with videos created by commentary channels that are critical of the star content creator, as shown by a slew of screen recordings taken by viewers.

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That’s not all; Hannah also accused YouTube of removing views from her channel and even shadow-banning her from the platform, with some fans showing that they had been purportedly unsubscribed and could not re-subscribe when they tried to do so.

She also claimed to have received death threats at her home, seemingly caused by her reactions to the many videos criticizing her online that are showing up in place of her own content.

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“You guys know this isn’t internet drama for me right?” she wrote. “You realize it’s me getting handwritten death threats to my home address, right?”

Hannah’s statement follows drama with ex-best friend Jessi Smiles, who accused the star of a string of offenses in a viral video in November 2019, which was also referenced in Gabbie’s string of Tweets.

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Luckily, it seems that YouTube is working with Hanna to rectify the problem, as she revealed on June 15, clarifying that the issue was a matter of “slander and defamation.”

“I’m actually heavily in contact with YouTube, and they’re working to correct the problem,” she said in response to a fan. “Happily working together because they recognize it’s not right, so this is actually more slander and defamation.”

Hanna also claimed to have evidence of YouTube suppressing her on the platform, expressing relief that she wasn’t “crazy” for her suspicions about the site.


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Hanna’s alleged “shadow ban” follows YouTuber Meghan Rienks’ long-running issue with the platform from earlier this year, where her secondary channel had been hacked and sold for $500, despite her numerous attempts to retrieve both her page and content.

Luckily, Rienks’ channel was restored (minus her backlog of old videos) and it seems that Hannah’s problems with the site are being looked into, shining a bright spot of positivity on an otherwise deeply concerning affair.

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