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Meghan Rienks hits out at YouTube after channel is hacked by rogue brand

Published: 5/Mar/2020 23:15 Updated: 5/Mar/2020 23:21

by Virginia Glaze


Social media star Meghan Rienks is calling out YouTube after her secondary channel was hacked by a rogue beauty brand  — and the issue remains unsolved despite multiple attempts at restoring it over the course of months.

Rienks uploaded a video on the subject on March 2, where she gave fans an in-depth explanation for the sudden disappearance of her main YouTube channel back in fall 2019.


According to the YouTube star, a hacker had tried to gain access to multiple social media accounts, including her YouTube channels, Twitter, and SnapChat profiles.

Meghan Rienks, Instagram
Popular internet star Meghan Rienks is in the middle of a feud with YouTube, after her secondary channel was hacked by a rogue beauty brand.

While Rienks changed her passwords and thought everything was resolved, this was not the case, as she later found that her main channel was showing as “removed,” and was hidden from viewers trying to look up her videos.


That’s not all: her second vlog channel was completely taken over by a rogue beauty brand months later, who replaced all of her content with beauty compilation videos that she described as “ripped from Instagram” accounts.

Meghan Rienks, Twitter
Rienks’ secondary vlog channel has been hacked and replaced with beauty compilation videos, with her original recovery email for the account being completely deleted.

However, this wasn’t the most frustrating part of the ordeal — Rienks tried multiple times to contact YouTube in an effort to restore both her channels, leading to typo’d emails and even notifications her contact had “gone on holiday,” as well as confusing responses that seemed to have been composed by bots.

The rogue videos on her hacked channel were also accompanied by comments from bot accounts, and her email account associated with the vlog channel had been deleted, adding an even more disturbing layer to the already frightening case of Rienks’ YouTube drama.


She likewise claimed to have come across forums where her account was sold by hackers for a mere $500 price point, which has since resulted in the loss of thousands of subscribers.

Needless to say, the content creator was left baffled beyond belief, with her situation catching the eyes of fellow YouTubers like Shane Dawson, who brought awareness to the issue with his viral retweet on February 23.

Finally, YouTube agreed to hop on a phone call with Rienks after her forty-five minute long video explaining the debacle caught fire — and, according to her Tweet on the subject, did not go well.


For now, it looks like both Rienks and her fans are left in the dark as the YouTuber continues her efforts to recover a massively subscribed channel she once owned.


Logic breaks major Pokemon record with $226k Charizard card purchase

Published: 10/Oct/2020 7:07 Updated: 10/Oct/2020 7:08

by Brent Koepp


Former rapper Logic dropped the price of house – over $226k – on a Pokemon card. The Twitch star bought the insanely rare 1st Edition Charizard at an auction, and broke a major record for the Nintendo collectible. 

Despite releasing in 1999, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has seen an explosion in value over the last two years. Items that were once traded on school playgrounds around the world for nothing are now selling for the price of a house.


Lately, the hobby has been attracting attention from popular stars such as Logan Paul who paid $216k for a base set booster box. On October 9, Twitch streamer Logic raised the bar even higher after spending $226k on a shadowless 1st Edition Charizard – and also broke a record in the process.

Logan Paul pulling a rare Charizard Pokemon card
YouTube: Logan Paul
The same card was pulled during Logan Paul’s Pokemon livestream – though it was ungraded.

Logic breaks record buying $226k Pokemon card

The 1st Edition Pokemon card made waves in the TCG community when buyers quickly drove the bid up to $124k. On October 9, the item ended at an astonishing $226,088.76, with the buyer’s premium included. It was also “shadowless” – which means there’s no shadow on the right-hand side of the art. box, which is rarer.


Shockingly, the winner was none other then former rapper and Twitch star, Logic. The streamer made the reveal on Twitter in a reply to YouTube personality Logan Paul. “@LoganPaul I’m the one at the auction for 183k Lololol,” he said.

Released in 1997, Charizard has often been the crown jewel of the Pokemon TCG. Decades later, its popularity has maintained and is the most sought-after monster from the original base set.

According to card investing company, Cardhops, the sale is now the new record holder for the highest price that the Charizard card has sold for. Business analyst Darren Rovell confirmed this, stating, “Beats record for the card by more than $50,000.”


darren rovell pokemon card tweet
Logic’s Pokemon card splurge smashed a record.

While Logic being the auction winner might surprise some, this isn’t the first time the popular streamer has dropped big money on the Nintendo hobby. On October 9, he tweeted out that he’d spent $23k on a base set booster box from 1999.

“Just opened a $23k Pokemon base set box! Only a few back in but look what I pulled!!” he exclaimed, as he revealed that he had pulled another Charizard card – though this one wasn’t 1st Edition or shadowless.

Pokemon TCG fever seems to be at an all-time high. On October 9, Logan Paul hosted a livestream where he opened up a 1st Edition base set booster box he paid $216k for.


The star pulled a Charizard card worth up to $85k, and even popular YouTuber Mr Beast won a $30k Blastoise. With Logic dropping over $226k for a single card, it seems the sky’s the limit for the Nintendo hobby.