Fuslie gets care package from Dove after shocking TinaKitten & kkatamina with shower habits

Virginia Glaze
Dove sends Fuslie a care package after she admits to not using bodywash

YouTube star Fuslie got a care package from Dove full of shampoo and body wash after going viral for admitting that she didn’t use body wash in a past live stream.

To bathe, or not to bathe? Showering habits have become quite a debate online as multiple celebrities have come out recently saying they don’t hop in the shower on a daily basis. (We’re looking at you, Mila Kunis.)

Popular streamer Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu became part of these internet hygiene hearings after shocking her friends, fellow streamers TinaKitten and kkatamina, back in April when she admitted that she didn’t wash her body in the shower.

Instead, she claimed that she allowed the suds from her shampoo to “trickle down” and do the trick.

However, since then, she says that she’s started buying body wash and claimed that she “really liked” the experience… but that’s not the only time she’s sent fans’ jaws to the floor with her hygiene habits.

She also claimed that she used to save showering for Saturdays only, back when she was in high school.

On top of that, she got into a debate with friends as to whether or not she should shower before getting on a plane to go camping with 100 Thieves.

As a result of these repeated offenses, Dove apparently took matters into their own hands and sent Fuslie a ‘care package’ of sorts.

Fuslie reacts to hilarious care package from Dove after showering fiasco

Fuslie shared the hilarious interaction on Twitter on October 12, showing that Dove had sent her a box full of shampoo and body wash.

“Hi Fuslie, we were so relieved to hear your definition of a shower no longer leaves body wash out of the equation!” the company wrote in a note. “We hope you feel fresh!”

Although this might just be a clever brand deal, it certainly sent the internet into a frenzy, with commenters unable to contain their laughter.

“Can I have some since you’re not using them anyway?” 100 Thieves’ Peter Park joked.

“Personally, I wouldn’t take that level of disrespect,” the 100 Thieves account replied.

“This will last her a lifetime. Thanks Dove,” a fan chimed in.

Brand deal or no, it certainly looks like Fuslie’s set for life when it comes to body wash now as she enjoys her new home on YouTube after moving from Twitch back in September.

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