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#FreeQuackity trends on Twitter after Roblox bans popular streamer

Published: 31/Dec/2020 1:51 Updated: 31/Dec/2020 3:26

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber, Twitch streamer and all-around entertainer ‘Quackity’ has been banned from Roblox for an unknown reason, prompting his massive fanbase to get the topic trending on Twitter.

Quackity, real name Alex, is a Twitch star and YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers/follwers combined, who’s best known for hosting talent competitions on his Discord channel with other top personalities.

While the influencer is normally free of drama and scandals, it seems he has become the center of a trending topic on Twitter — and it’s all thanks to Roblox, surprisingly.

On December 30, the personality found out that he’d been banned on Roblox during a live stream, with his account being removed from the service as a result.


Quackity banned from Roblox
YouTube: Quackity
Quackity’s Roblox account was terminated after purportedly creating “inappropriate content.”

The ban notification claims that Quackity was deleted for “creating, promoting, or participating in inappropriate behavior or content” which violated the game’s Terms of Use.

The specific reason for Quackity’s ban is still unknown at the time of writing — but the entire internet is now aware of this development, thanks to his fans, who have taken to Twitter to get the topic trending.

#FreeQuackity has become a popular catchphrase in mere moments, with fans petitioning Roblox to unban the streamer from the game as soon as possible.

This isn’t the first time a massive content creator has been hit with a ban from Roblox unexpectedly; YouTube king PewDiePie received a surprising ban from the game in 2019 for his username, which the game considered to be part of a “negative” meme in its community.


Luckily for PewDiePie, Roblox apologized for the slip-up and reinstated his account, but reiterated that there is still a “zero-tolerance policy” in place for “inappropriate behavior.”

Currently, the exact reason for Quackity’s 2020 ban is still up in the air — but considering the voraciousness of his fanbase, it won’t be unsurprising if the purported “inappropriate content” is revealed sooner rather than later.