TSM’s Daequan explains why he quit competitive Fortnite

TSM / Epic Games

Popular member of Team SoloMid’s content creation team Daequan has given insight into his decision to quit playing Fortnite Battle Royale competitively.

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When Fortnite began gaining massive prominence back in early 2018, Daequan was one of numerous streamers to jump on the wagon, gaining equally massive growth on his content channels and social media pages as a result.

As one of TSM’s original four pros, he established himself as a top competitive player in the game early on, consistently participating in both Epic Games-sanctioned events and KEEMSTAR’s weekly Friday Fortnite tournaments.

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However, as the competitive scene grew larger and larger by the month, Daequan’s presence grew more and more faint, and soon enough, he was no longer an active member of the comp community.

With many still wondering why someone with such potential and ability decided to quit competing in the popular battle royale, he’s now opened up about his decision to step away.

TSMDaequan (right) was one of TSM’s original pro Fortnite players, along with Hamlinz (center) and Myth (left)
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Daequan himself initiated a discussion on Twitter on August 22, when he tweeted “Can’t wait for this battle royale and RNG game craze to be over.”

This led to some commenting negative things on his tweet, claiming that the real reason he was displeased was because he was no longer a top player in the game.

However, the TSM man retorted with an explanation of his own, revealing that he willingly chose to part ways with competing in Fortnite due to that side of the game being “garbage.”

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“I literally quit competitive when I was rank 20 in the world for money earned, because competitive is garbage,” he said. “But nice try. I prefer enjoying my life rather than complaining from the time I wake up until I go to sleep, like almost every other pro Fortnite player, because it’s trash.”

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What also didn’t help Daequan’s cause, even if he had chosen to continue dabbling in competitive Fortnite, was the fact that he took an extended break due to ill health, which kept him away from streaming for months.

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His streaming career is definitely not buried, exemplified by the 81,000+ viewers he pulled in his eventful return stream on August 9. 

But judging by his comments, it looks extremely unlikely that we’ll ever see the TSM star in a competitive match again. 

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