Former UFC champ’s plan to fight an army of children shocks Twitch viewers

whittakerTwitch/Robert Whittaker

Former UFC Middleweight champion Robert Whittaker was streaming on Twitch when he answered an incredibly bizarre question from a viewer about fighting off hordes of children.

Robert Whittaker is known for being the former UFC Middleweight champion, an absolute menace in the octagon that has gone up against some of the best fighters in the world.

Whittaker also happens to be a huge gamer and Twitch streamer, and is a diehard Fallout fan. He even appeared in an ad for Fallout 76 back in March 2019.

The former UFC champ was streaming on Twitch on December 9 when a viewer approached him with a very strange question.

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whittakerRobert Whittaker/Bethesda
The former UFC champ appearing in an ad for Fallout 76.

UFC champ answers insane question

Whittaker was streaming Fallout 4 when a viewer proposed a ridiculous scenario which involved, “10-year olds at a playground, children swarming you at all directions but you’ve got space to move around, but no weapons. Kids won’t stop coming, but will be intimidated.”

A weird question, but Whittaker obliged with an answer: “You made it too easy. You see, what I’d do it grab the first kid and literally rip his head off with my hands then chew on his spinal cord. That will send a message to all the other kids in the playground that I ain’t playin’. Done, run away.”

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It seems like Rob Whittaker was very prepared for how to handle hordes of children attacking him at a playground.

Being the savage and successful fighter that he is, he is prepared for an attack at any moment. Even one from an onslaught of fifth graders.