Former 100 Thieves creator Classify explains how he lost MrBeast’s $500,000 challenge

Former 100 Thieves creator Classify shows how he lost MrBeast's $500,000 challengeYouTube: Classify / MrBeast

Former 100 Thieves creator Classify took part in MrBeast’s $500,000 game of tag, and although he came so far and made the top 5, he showed fans how he ultimately lost the challenge.

Classify might have parted ways with 100 Thieves and The Mob, but he’s been working hard to build his own brand ever since.

His YouTube Channel has almost hit 50,000 subscribers, and the numbers are trending upwards.

In August 2021, he took part in MrBeast’s circle challenge for a chance to win $500,000. After making it to the top 10, he qualified for a much harder challenge — a $500,000 game of tag at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

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He almost made it to the end but fell short of the mark — losing to a Minecraft YouTuber, of all things.

MrBeast standing in a stadiumYouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast’s extreme game of tag was like no other.

After a ten-second countdown, the contestants scattered across the arena. Classify did a “recon” of the area. But when MrBeast had his crew join in the manhunt, the chase was on. He even flipped a golf cart to slow them down.

It took several hours, but eventually, MrBeast and his crew tagged five people. Classify officially made it to the top five. So, to make things harder for the remaining contestants, MrBeast limited the play area to the race track.

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Classify managed to elude them for a while. But eventually, he got tagged by Minecraft YouTuber Sapnap.

“[I] pushed [my] mental state to limits it’s never reached before, all to get tagged by a Minecraft YouTuber,” he said.

Classify admitted that while he didn’t win the “grand prize,” he managed to beat his expectations and made it further than he thought he would.

“The competition was fierce, and we’d been running for over 24 hours to get here. And as Andy got tagged and Lincoln came out celebrating to just have won $500,000, I couldn’t help but smile and just appreciate the moment.”

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