Ludwig pulls off $25k “devious lick” on MrBeast as Twitch star joins viral TikTok trend

Ludwig 25k devious lick MrBeast tiktok trendTwitch: Ludwig / Instagram: MrBeast

Devious licks: It’s all the rage nowadays, with the TikTok trend around stealing random objects going viral. Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has decided to jump in on the fun with one of the highest stake “licks” yet with Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson.

If you’ve been on the internet for any amount of time in the last week, you’ve probably heard of the “devious licks”.

The devious lick can manifest in different ways, from stealing obscure objects in random places, to taking your friend’s lunch money. In Ludwig’s case, that “lunch money” was $25,000 in cash.

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The Twitch star ⁠— who is fully playing into his “subathon guy” notoriety ⁠— met up with YouTube giant MrBeast over the weekend.

After being challenged to a high-stakes game of poker and losing though, Ludwig wanted to get at least something out of his weekend with the philanthropist. In his words: “Who the f**k hangs out with MrBeast and their life gets worse?”

“MrBeast was already thinking of the next person to play before Charlie [MoistCritikal] even arrived. He basically wanted to keep winning and then do a 200k match, then a 400k match, then a 500k match, just keeping on challenging creators and people and rolling the money up,” he explained on stream when he got home.

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“But big man won, so I had to pay out $25,000 to Charlie. I had to give him that money. I have already paid out. It’s all squared away, I had to say bye bye to the money in my account.”

MrBeast, Karl Jacobs, LudwigTwitter: @LudwigAhgren
Ludwig recently went gambling with Mr Beast, Karl, and more.

It wasn’t quite “bye bye” though, with Ludwig getting a bit of a lick as he left MrBeast’s house.

“On my way out though, as I’m packing my bags after a wonderful weekend of hanging out with everyone, I took one parting gift. Just a small reminder of my great time hanging out with MrBeast,” showing off a wad of $25,000 in cold hard cash.

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“The thing about it is even when you’re the small creator in the group, you can get away with things maybe people won’t notice. That was about it. That’s the time I met MrBeast in real life.

“That’s right it’s a devious lick bitches. That’s real mogul moves.”

Ludwig joked that the experience of hanging with MrBeast, Critikal, and Karl Jacobs was “humbling to say the least” when fans didn’t even recognize him in the streets, but at least he got paid his dues.

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He tried to stop his chat from clipping and shipping the evidence to MrBeast, to no avail. He even promised he’d give it back, making his weekend with MrBeast all the worse.

He got a tragic haircut, was swindled out of $25,000, and didn’t even get recognized on the streets. Ludwig might need to run another subathon to help him get over that loss.

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