Minecraft YouTuber Sapnap gives $5k winnings to teen he beat in MrBeast challenge

MrBeast and Sapnap in a YouTube videoYouTube: MrBeast

After beating a small streamer as part of a MrBeast Minecraft video, YouTuber Sapnap revealed that he actually gave the $5k that he won to the teen, though it didn’t end up getting included in the original video.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is well known on YouTube for the array of crazy challenges that he puts to friends, strangers and fans. Last year, he even set up a gaming channel so that he could bring the craziness into the gaming world, and Minecraft is the perfect place to give challenges to his subscribers across the internet.

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The YouTuber even gave a fan $30,000 after helping to make an insane cartoon-themed country in the game, showing just how much Jimmy’s willing to spend on these crazy challenges.

MrBeast in an Instagram pictureInstagram: mrbeast
MrBeast is known for his crazy YouTube challenges.

In his latest video, he challenged his subscribers to various different small games to win up to thousands of dollars. In one challenge, he pitted Minecraft YouTuber Sapnap against 17-year-old small streamer Rockzoo in a test of endurance, so see who could survive the longest in an arena of either falling anvils or falling TNT.

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Rockzoo ended up dying first which meant Sapnap got the $5k prize, saying that “[he feels] really bad.” However, they revealed outside of the video that Sapnap actually sent the teen all of his winnings from the game.

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Sapnap wrote on Twitter: “I gave the kid 5k after winning btw (in the newest MrBeast gaming vid)” to which Rockzoo replied, “I can confirm he gave me the 5K after it was cut out but thank you so much for being so generous!!!”

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Jimmy also replied to the YouTuber’s tweet with “IDK why the editors didn’t put that in lol.”

Despite it being cut out of the video, fans of all the creators involved loved seeing the kind gesture, and some even ended up going to Rockzoo’s page and following him as a result.

Even though the small streamer didn’t manage to win the game against Sapnap, he still ended up with the prize money as well as getting the opportunity to feature in a MrBeast video.

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