Classify banned on Twitch while watching Omegle on stream

Classify looking into the cameraInstagram: Classify

Twitch streamer Classify was hit with a surprise ban on Twitch while watching Omegle during his most recent stream.

Over the last few years, Twitch has continued to crack down on the type of websites and games creators can broadcast on the platform.

This includes randomized video chat websites like Omegle, which put the streamer at risk of displaying sensitive content on their channel.

Twitch streamer Classify recently learned this after he was hit with a surprise ban on the platform while streaming Omegle to his viewers.

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Classify hit with Twitch ban while watching Omegle

On January 24, Classify’s channel became unavailable mid-stream, only to display the infamous Twitch ban message.

“This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service,” it reads.

Twitch has banned all randomized video chat services under “sensitive content” in its Community Guidelines due to the chance of displaying explicit content.

twitch banned pageTwitch

Shortly after his ban, fans began asking what Classify did on stream for it to happen.

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“He went on Omegle,” one user replied before another fan mentioned that the website is against TOS.

“We ain’t know,” Classify said.

It’s unknown how long Classify’s ban is for, but past punishments for showing Omegle on stream have only lasted a day. Twitch also does not comment on bans, but we’ll update this article if Classify reveals how long he’s gone.

However, punishments on the platform differ depending on whether or not the creator has been banned in the past.

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