Former 100T members Classify and Avalanche join MrBeast’s YouTube collective

Classify Avalanche MrBeastClassify/Avalanche

Former 100 Thieves content creators Avalanche and Classify are joining MrBeast and his YouTube crew.

Back at the end of May 2021, Avalanche and Classify parted ways with 100 Thieves after Mako left ‘The Mob’ four months earlier.  A little while later, the group officially split up.

Their exit from the esports org wasn’t exactly a shock to fans who had seen the writing on the wall. But where they would go next left fans with a huge mystery.

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Now, both Avalanche and Classify will officially join MrBeast’s YouTube gang after the creators made the announcement on September 25.

“We’ve moved across the country to North Carolina to make some dope content with some dope people,” Avalanche announced on Twitter, with MrBeast himself cheesing in the picture.

Classify posted his own pictures with the YouTube superstar, also confirming he would be making videos with the MrBeast collective as well.

“Happy to announce I was invited to move to North Carolina and be a part of the MrBeast YouTube crew,” Class posted on Twitter. “Super excited to live here and make some content with the boys.”

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Avalanche, Froste, Mako, and Classify came together to form The Mob years ago, and quickly made a name for themselves in the streaming and YouTube scene until things ended in early 2021.

They were big names for 100 Thieves as well after being signed by the org, even introducing the org’s brand-new $3 million pad back in 2020.

But now, Classify and Avalanche are officially part of a different crew, and fans will be eager to see what their newest content ends up looking like. Something tells us MrBeast might make an appearance, but we’ll just have to watch and find out.

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