Viral TikTok Five Guys hack scores customers a ‘free cheeseburger’

Brianna Reeves
five guys TikTok hack

TikTok user HellthyJunkFood shared a simple Five Guys food hack that should result in customers getting a “free cheeseburger.”

HellthyJunkFood has provided fellow TikTok users with plenty of noteworthy food hacks, specifically targeting fast food chains whose menu options allow for a few creative loopholes.

Earlier this summer, for example, the account made waves by highlighting the “travel fries” hack at McDonald’s. By asking for a larger order of fries to be served in a cup, customers will receive more fries.

The same TikToker also came up with a hack for ordering a bigger and cheaper Big Mac, which hinges on the purchase of two McDoubles. Burger lovers should check out HellthyJunkFood’s latest proposal, as well.

This TikTok food hack for Five Guys is all about a free burger

Another day, another food hack from HellthyJunkFood on TikTok. And this time, burger joint Five Guys sits at the center of attention.

The latest hack will supposedly end with customers taking home a “free cheeseburger.” Kind of. Because Five Guys’ regular cheeseburger comes with two patties and free toppings, the process itself is rather simple.

Five Guys lovers need only to order a cheeseburger with their toppings on the side. Asking for an extra bun marks the next step, and an easy one, too, since the excess bread comes free of charge.

Back at home, the extra patty and bun are used to make a second burger. Folks can dress the two cheeseburgers however they see fit, thanks to the separately packaged toppings.

Of course, the mileage may vary on this particular Five Guys hack. One user responded that their local restaurant doesn’t give buns for free.

Someone claiming to work at a Five Guys said their store doesn’t offer extra buns, either. Regardless, some may still find the hack worth a try.

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