Food guru reveals “crazy” hack to get free Popeyes every day

Lauren Lewis
Popeyes bigger box

A TikTok has left people shocked after revealing an interesting hack to save money while visiting Popeyes, as he gets free chicken every day.

At the start of July, TikToker @glazedpoxy shared a video of themselves chowing down on a free full meal from Popeyes. “Get free chicken at Popeyes?” he asked viewers before revealing his super simple method for freebies.

The video then cut to him inside the restaurant where he spoke to someone off-camera. He asked them what the “cheapest” things on the menu are.

“One sauce,” the employee replied. The most inexpensive item on the menu, rounding up to 29 cents each packet. “OK, can I get one sauce?” he asked.

After buying his one sauce, Mileham got the bill and then held up the sauce to the camera before turning the receipt to show the back.

“Enjoy two pieces of chicken and a biscuit with the purchase of a large drink,” he read while explaining.

“And then we gotta get this code.” He read the back of the promotional receipt where it told customers how to redeem their free food.

“For this food hack go into your local Popeyes, ask to purchase a sauce. Next, take the receipt and go do the survey. Then, go buy a large drink and get two free chickens and a biscuit. Total spend should be around $3.60,” he told viewers.

“I’ve been saying this. People are sleeping on fast food receipts and the apps. Don’t get me started on free bday stuff!!!” one viewer commented on the semi-viral video.

“I did this every day with Burger King for a free whopper one summer when funds were tight,” another revealed.

It’s not just Popeyes that’s going viral either – McDonald’s revealed that it’s bringing out a brand new ice cream flavor, and fans love it.