Cheesecake Factory server divides TikTok after dad’s money-saving hack for family of 6

Lauren Lewis
Family of 6 viral tipping

TikTok commenters were divided after a dad who fed a family of 6 for just $28 questioned their server how they felt about the ‘hack.’

Josh and Callie Mileham, who regularly post content on TikTok, gained a lot of popularity for sharing money-saving hacks they use to feed their family of six. This, however, has seen the couple face scrutiny in the past, with viewers claiming that their children aren’t being fed enough while dining out. 

In a video that amassed over a million views, they took their children to the Cheesecake Factory, where they claim to have fed the entire family for only $28. After finishing the meal, they asked the server what they thought. 

“We just ordered one salad and fries for our whole family of six,” Josh said. “As the server, how does that make you feel?”

“Um, honestly, I didn’t mind. I usually do have people who do order a plate for multiple people,” the server replied. “I usually try not to, like, form an opinion. I do it based more on how you guys are. You guys were awesome. It was a pleasure taking care of you guys. Your energy was great. It seemed like a fun time.”

“So, based off $28, what do you feel your tip should be?” Josh inquired. 

“I’d like my tip to reflect how you feel I served you. I try to aim for 20%, which would be for me. I did great. The table was happy with my service.”

Josh asked him if he thought a 22% tip would be okay, as it would only total at $6. The server replied that he would be happy with this offering. 

After the video was posted on the platform, people were divided by the whole interaction. 

“The time he spent answering this question. should get him at least $15,” one wrote in.

“I hope you tipped him more than $6 minimum $20,” another concurred. 

However, Josh replied in the comments section telling viewers to wait for part two, alluding that he’d presented the server with a higher tip. In the follow-up video, we can see that they actually give him $100 for his efforts. 

“Love this… saved money on the food so you could bless your server! This is great!” one responded. 

“As a server I would go in the back and cry,” another wrote in, clearly touched. 

Another customer went viral, after they blasted a store saying that they couldn’t choose a “no tip” option.