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YouTuber Gabbie Hanna pleads with her stalker to leave her alone

Published: 12/May/2020 19:15

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and music artist Gabbie Hanna recently revealed that she is being stalked in a series of desperate tweets, pleading with the stranger to leave her family alone.

Gabbie Hanna is a popular face on YouTube, boasting over six million subscribers due to her humorous vlogs and original songs.

However, internet stardom isn’t all sunshine and roses, with many online entertainers experiencing serious breaches of privacy as a result of their popularity — an issue that Hanna is also, unfortunately, suffering from.

Gabbie Hanna, Instagram
YouTube star and music artist Gabbie Hanna revealed that she’s dealing with a stalker in a series of desperate Tweets.

The YouTuber opened up about her current struggle with a stalker in a Tweet on May 8, where she revealed the “worst” part of the entire ordeal to her 2.7 million followers.

“The worst part of having a stalker is the paranoia,” she admitted. “It makes it hard to engage with fans, because you never know if it’s the person that hurt you behind the keyboard. You can block them time and time again, but they’ll find a way. They always find a f**king way.”


That’s not all; the star went on to plead with her stalker to leave her and her family alone, claiming that she doesn’t know what the individual wants, should they have some sort of ulterior motive for their stalking.

“This is me pleading with you, knowing you’re reading this,” she continued. “Please, PLEASE leave me alone. Leave my friends, family, and fans alone. I don’t know what you want from me, I don’t know what you’re looking for or waiting for. PLEASE let me live in peace.”

While there’s no information or clues as to who the stalker might be, Hanna does boast her fair share of haters, having been the subject of internet vitriol after former friend Jessi Smiles came out with a slew of allegations against her fellow content creator.

Although there’s no telling if Hanna’s stalker is an angry critic or an overly enthusiastic fan, she isn’t the only entertainer dealing with such a dilemma as of late; YouTubers the Dolan Twins also revealed they’ve hired “full-time security” to handle stalkers in a video posted the same day as Hanna’s Tweets.

No matter the case, it’s never okay to invade someone’s personal privacy, even if they share their lives with fans online.

Call of Duty

xQc stunned by toxic Call of Duty players in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 18/Nov/2020 1:55

by Bill Cooney


Twitch Star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is no stranger to trash talk, but what he heard while playing Call of Duty: Cold War was enough to throw even him for a loop.

Call of Duty: Cold War is one of the hottest games on Twitch right now, and xQc certainly seems to have gotten a taste of the series’ legendary chatroom toxicity.

We’re not saying that this is a symptom of the CoD community overall, but the series has built up a reputation for being host to some hilariously venomous lobbies. xQc found this out firsthand while sitting in a lobby, and after getting knocked out.

xQc Cold War toxic
The face when the CoD lobby gets a little too lit.

Ask anyone who’s played Call of Duty for long enough, and there’s a good chance is they’ll have a hilarious story about a toxic lobby or three that they’ve been a part of over the years. Now, xQc can officially add that to his list of accomplishments as well.

During a late-night/early morning stream on November 17, Felix ran into a rowdy lobby he tried to calm down in vain, before being called out himself.

“Guys, guys, guys, it’s 3 AM on a f***ing Monday, you guys are playing Call of Duty talking shit,” the former Overwatch pro begged, to no avail, and got told to shut his mouth, just not quite with that exact term.

After this, you’d probably figure things couldn’t get more radioactive, right? Well, you would be wrong, because Felix also ran into some incredibly toxic personalities while he was playing.

After getting knocked out, xQc asked, “It was you right?” before being told in graphic detail what his assailant wanted to do to him. We won’t type the quote out here, but the clip below should give you the gist.

The Canadian does come from the wild west that can be Overwatch games, but nothing really compares to being cursed out by an absolute random in CoD.

Whether Felix will return to Black Ops remains to be seen, especially since he seems to have had the full experience during this stream alone.