Fired OnlyFans teacher slams neighbors for spying on her in window

Michael Gwilliam
fired onlyfans teacher feuds with neighbors spying on her

A former teacher turned OnlyFans model is blasting her neighbors for spying on her and complaining about how she dressed in her own home.

Elis Nesbsniak, a DJ and OnlyFans star, is making bank since joining the adult content site, earning over 30 times more than she made at a private nursery school.

Like other teachers, she was fired for her spicy social media posts, but the Brazilian has earned enough money to buy her own house. That said, it seems like things have been getting heated between her and the neighbors.

In a post on Instagram, Nesbsniak revealed that she received a letter from one of her neighbors accusing her of walking around in her window without any clothes on, but the OF star says she won’t change her ways.

OnlyFans model feuds with neighbor after appearing ‘nude’ in window

The neighbor’s letter asks the OnlyFans model to “please stop showing off without your clothes on in your window,” so that “no one is forced to watch.”

Elis, however, is striking back and claims that she was never nude to begin with and that it’s the neighbor’s issue if her husband spies on her.

onlyfans model Elis Nesbsniak
Elis Nesbsniak is feuding with her neighbors for watching her.

“I was in shock, but I’m not going to change or do what she wants. I’m inside my house, wearing a regular bikini that any woman would wear to the beach or pool. If her husband spies on me, it’s her problem and not mine,” the model blasted.

The former teacher further added that the issue could have arose when she spent an afternoon “doing a bikini rehearsal,” but says she wasn’t provoking or showing her body off to anyone.

“It’s an envious, prejudiced, ugly, and insecure woman thing,” she added, dismissing the neighbor’s concerns.

Nesbsniak is hardly the first OnlyFans teacher to get in trouble. Infamously, one was fired after she filmed content on students’ desks at schools. More recently, a teacher in BC is fighting with the school board to let her continue to make OF content while keeping her job.

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