Preschool teacher reportedly fired after filming OnlyFans content in school

Brenna Percy fired from preschool for onlyfans videosWolf Swamp Road School

Yet another teacher has reportedly been sacked after being caught filming OnlyFans content in school.

Massachusetts preschool teacher Brenna Percy is no longer employed at Wolf Swamp Road School after the school was contacted about her OnlyFans videos.

The decision came after Libs of TikTok, a high-profile Twitter account, informed the school that Percy had appeared to film OnlyFans content while in a school bathroom.

Percy, under her OnlyFans name ‘hairyboo,’ had previously posted a photo on social media with her chest exposed. She had captioned the image, “naughty at work.”

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Preschool teacher fired for OnlyFans content in school bathroom

According to Fox, the school’s superintendent told Libs of TikTok that Percy “no longer works for Longmeadow Public Schools.”

The school’s website also removed her from its staff section, further indicating that she had been fired.

Amazingly, this is the second time in just three months that a teacher has been terminated after filming OnlyFans videos on school grounds.

Brenna Percy fired from schoolHairyboo
Brenna Percy appeared to film OnlyFans content in her preschool bathroom.

Former Arizona science Samantha Peer, also known by her stage name ‘Khloe Karter,’ was fired from her job after she was caught filming OnlyFans content on her students’ desks with her husband.

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Karter blamed her lack of pay as a teacher for the decision, but she was even banned on OnlyFans for violating its policies on sexual content that is produced in a public place.

After resorting to selling her dirty clothes and uploading content to rival websites, the former teacher was able to pay off a large amount of debt.

It remains unclear what the future will hold for Brenna Percy and if she will go on to follow in Samantha Peer’s footsteps. Unlike Peer, however, OnlyFans has yet to ban her account.

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