Teacher fired for joining OnlyFans reveals ridiculous income since being sacked

OnlyFans teacher sarah jureeInstagram/sarahjuree

A teacher who was fired after the school discovered her OnlyFans content has revealed that she’s making far more now than she ever did as an educator.

OnlyFans has proven to be a huge moneymaker for many women over the years and it’s easy to see why there are a lot of people leaving their day jobs to join the adult platform.

However, while some women have left their other jobs, plenty of been sacked. Notably, a handful of teachers, some of which who even got caught filming content in schools.

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Former teacher Sarah Juree joined OnlyFans in June after her friend made $10,000 in one month, but ended up being fired after photos were shown to her employer. Despite losing her job, it appears she has had the last laugh.

Fired OnlyFans teacher makes big bucks with “report cards”

In an interview with Insider, Juree explained how she was making $55,000 as a teacher, but in just six months on OnlyFans, she’s pulled in over $58,000.

It’s not just her OF content that is earning her a huge paycheck, though. She’s been making good use of her status as a former teacher to play into some subscribers’ fantasies.

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OnlyFans teacher fired for contentInstagram/sarahjuree

“As a way to boost my earnings, I have found a niche by leaning into the teacher fantasy that many of my fans seem to have. I do this by offering exclusive report cards where I rate their manhood and give ‘Miss Sarah’ stickers to loyal fans,” she said.

Juree further stated that she sells her panties to clients as well, something that fellow fired OnlyFans teacher Khloe Karter did after she was sacked for filming videos on her students’ desks.

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“The most I’ve made in a month is $17,000,” Sarah Juree revealed. “Being an OnlyFans model has largely been a positive experience, but I got dragged by a lot of internet trolls who tried to humiliate and body shame me after I was fired.”

Sarah Juree is hardly the first OnlyFans mom to face alleged discrimination. Just recently, a mom claimed her son was suspended from school after her content was discovered.

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