School demands OnlyFans teacher remove her page or be fired

onlyfans teacher in troubleInstagram/a_v_a_james88

A teacher is feuding with her school board after being told to delete her ‘Dommy Mommy’ OnlyFans account or be fired.

BC teaching assistant Kristin MacDonald says she needs to keep her Ava James ‘The Dommy Mommy’ OnlyFans content active in order to pay the bills as a single mother, but the school board wants the account gone.

We’ve seen numerous instances of teachers doubling as OnlyFans models and they seem to last in school, with many being sacked from their jobs.

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Last month, MacDonald was the latest to face firing after being informed there was a complaint about her content and she said that she was found to be in violation of the collective agreement.

Teacher under fire for OnlyFans ‘Dommy Mommy’ account

According to MacDonald, she took precautions to ensure that her OnlyFans content and education job were separate and believes she should be allowed to keep doing both.

“I do believe that I should be able to continue on. I’m not hurting anyone. I’m not breaking the law. So I stand by where I’m at right now,” she explained. “I really want to talk about the stigma… and let’s have more conversations about women owning their sexuality, being proud of their body.”

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OnlyFans teacher ava james risks firingInstagram/a_v_a_james88
Kristin MacDonald wants to keep being OnlyFans star Ava James.

MacDonald added that her low wages as a teaching assistant in expensive Vancouver are a big reason why she resorted to making an account on OnlyFans.

“We don’t make a livable wage, and we’re in one of the most expensive places in Canada,” she said. “I do love my job. I love connecting with students. I think I’m good at my job.”

So far, the model says the union representing her has been supportive, so we’ll have to see if she has to choose between teaching and OnlyFans.

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Of course, this is far from the first incident involving teachers. Most notoriously, a science teacher was fired after she was caught filming videos on students’ desks. She subsequently had her account banned for making content in a public area.

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