Barbie fan hits out at women ruining movie with fart sounds in cinema

Christy Mathew
Margot Robbie as Barbie and Blaire Erskine

A comedian had complaints when she went to watch Barbie and her experience was disrupted because of some women sitting in front of her making noises.

The Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, has brought people’s childhood dolls to life in the theatres as live-action, earning millions on the first weekend.

Barbie has already proved to be in the top 10 list of highest-grossing movies of 2023 and even made its place in being the best opening weekend for a female director.

With thousands of people going to watch the film in its first week, some conflicts are due to happen.

Comedian Blaire Erskine was one of the thousands to go to watch the film in its premiering week, but soon told her Twitter followers about her unfortunate experience in the movie theatre.

Bizarre fart noises during Barbie movie

The comedian revealed in a post that she went to the theatre to watch the film, but that the girls in front of her made fart noises the entire time.

She had attached a video that showed a theater where audiences were laughing as the movie was playing. However, this was disrupted by a blast of fart noise as her camera moved closer to where the sound was coming from.

Erskine zoomed on one of the women sitting in front of her phone screen which showed the title, “Fart Sounds—Over 1,000 Farts.”

After one of these sounds played, the phone was quickly hidden before the second noise would come. The writer had posted a series of tweets regarding her experience as she added that she asked them to stop.

She went on to explain that if she got the manager she would probably miss more of the movie and went on to clarify that these women were adults.

Erskine admitted to laughing initially but noted that she could not cry during the monologue because of the distortion of hearing a 1000 farts.

She added, “I just wanted to cry in the dark at the movies is that too much to ask.”

Twitter reacts to fart video

The video was viewed more than nine million times and did not go down well with Twitter users as they had multiple questions.

A user shared that they find women’s antics hilarious and adorable but Erskine said it was neither of those things. While most of the interactions she had with the commentators were fun and lighthearted, one exchange was not so friendly.

One person commented on a tweet about the incident and wrote, “Reason number 5982 why my audience and I don’t want to see the Barbie movie.”

“Erin you’re the last b**** on earth I want to agree with me,” Erskine clapped back. “You’re dumb and no one likes you girlie go get vaccinated.”

When Twitter users questioned Blaire’s language, she explained how Erin’s brand is being “viciously polarizing and mean.”

This is not the only thing to occur in cinemas in the recent week. A fight between two women broke out near the end of a Barbie screening at a theater in Brazil, supposedly after a mom let her child watch YouTube during the film.