Viral TikTok shows women insulted after Barbie screening: “This is what it’s like”

Meera Jacka
Viral TikTok shows women attending Barbie insulted

A heartbreaking TikTok has gone viral showing the moment three women taking photos after attending Barbie were yelled at “completely unprovoked.”

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie made history with an opening weekend that hit $356 million globally, making it the biggest debut for a film directed by a woman.

With its message of empowerment, Barbie has been rebranded to relate to a new generation. And according to Rotten Tomatoes’ 86% approval rating, most audiences are listening.

However, a recent viral TikTok shows that not everyone has been paying attention to the movie’s message, with three theatre attendees insulted simply for taking photos.

Vanna, who goes by ‘vannachauu’ on TikTok, went to see Barbie with two friends, with the trio dressing in pink to celebrate the iconic doll’s live-action debut. Leaving the cinema “feeling emotional and empowered,” the friends decided to take photos together in front of the Barbie poster.

But their wholesome moment was interrupted after a man driving past insulted them, shouting, “Ya’ll are ugly as f***.”

Vanna shared the moment on TikTok, writing, “What’s it like being a woman? Being excited to dress up and watch Barbie with your girlfriends. Walking out of the theatre feeling emotional and empowered and wanting to take a cute picture together in front of the Barbie movie poster.”

She then heartbreakingly added, “Just for a man to drive by and say ‘Ya’ll are ugly as f***’ completely unprovoked. This is what it’s like being a woman.”

Girls pose in front of Barbie posted
Vanna and her friends looked fab in pink, posing in front of a Barbie poster

And it’s a sentiment shared by many — after all, the film’s success wouldn’t exist if so many didn’t feel it recognized the experience of being a woman. Many commenters showered the girls in support, relating to the ordeal.

“The encapsulation of being a woman, we can never exist in peace. You all look absolutely adorable,” one posted.

Luckily, the movie has also given rise to positive stories, such as ‘yourdailybitterness’ on TikTok, who shared her experience watching Barbie with her boyfriend.

“At the end, yes, he might not truly understand what it means to be a woman but he told me he’d try to learn as much as he could,” yourdailybitterness wrote.

This aligns with Gerwig’s intended message, who told the New York Times that “My hope for the movie is that it’s an invitation for everybody to be part of the party and let go of the things that aren’t necessarily serving us as either women or men.”

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