Female streamer learns how awkward Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure really is

Brent Koepp

A female Twitch streamer found out the hard way how awkward Nintendo’s latest exercise title ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ truly is after it gave her an unsavoury request.

Nintendo recently made its return to exercise peripherals with ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ on October 18, making it the second time the Japanese developer has tackled fitness, as they released ‘Wii Fit’ in 2007.  The newly released exercise game sees players using a ring device as the Switch Joy-Con controller tracks movement.

However, a female Twitch streamer discovered what we all learned during the Wii era – that playing Nintendo’s motion control games can actually be kind of awkward.

NintendoNintendo recently released the new exercise peripheral which has players using a ring device to interact with the fitness game.

Twitch personality Megan ‘MeggyByte’ was streaming the Nintendo exercise title for her audience, when the course asked her to complete a workout that required her to sit on the ground while lifting her legs up and spreading them apart. 

It took a second to dawn on her when she realized that the position looked compromising on stream, and exclaimed, “Oh my god! No! No!” to her chat.

The game continued to instruct her to “Open!” her legs as she started to laugh. After mustering up the will to do the exercise, she yelled out “No!” again before breaking into laughter and laying on her back while covering her face with her hands out of embarrassment. 

The streamer eventually gave in to the awkward situation, and committed to completing the fitness routine but continued to break into hysterics the whole way through.

“We’re NEVER going to do that one again” she assured her audience, as her chat continued to poke fun of the moment.  

The streamer then said that she had no idea that the game included that exercise. “I swear to God, I never expected it! I never expected that, I swear on my life!” she exclaimed, before falling back to the floor. 

Reacting to what someone in the chat wrote she replied, “I know! It was like “open your legs!” And I’m like no! Oh my god, I’m so shameless. I’m gonna cry, that was so funny!”

Despite the awkward moment, MeggyByte took the whole thing in strides, and continued to make light of the situation. The Twitch personality has been streaming since around 2013, and does IRL broadcasts, as well as gaming.

As of the time of writing this article, she boasts an audience of over 40,000 followers, and according to her bio, she’s been playing games since she was a kid. 

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