FedEx driver fired after viral TikTok exposes racist comments towards customer

TikToker FedEx driver apology for racist commentTikTok: karladelatorre97, annessa222

A FedEx driver by the name of Annessa222 on TikTok has been fired after a video went viral exposing racist comments she made toward a customer.

With over a billion monthly users on TikTok, it’s not uncommon for drama to unfold on the app whether it’s Joel Swoll calling out a creator or another TikToker “scamming” their fans.

TikToker karladelatorre97 recently went viral with a video revealing that her FedEx driver lashed out at her, making racist comments in the process.

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The Fedex driver in question, Annessa222, has now been fired from her job.

“This behaviour is unacceptable and contrary to the professionalism demonstrated by service providers in safely and reliably delivering millions of packages every day,” a spokesperson for FedEx Ground told Insider.

“FedEx Ground expects the highest levels of conduct from service providers, and we can confirm that this individual is no longer providing service.”

FedEx driver apologizes after racist comments surface

On January 31, TikToker Karladelatorre97 uploaded her video showing a FedEx driver lashing out at her while unloading a big package she was delivering.

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Seemingly mad that they refused to help, the FedEx driver tossed the box on the ground before saying: “There you go, get your boxes since yall refuse to help.”

Continuing her comments after the TikToker replied in Spanish, she said: “Go back to your country, I can’t understand what you’re saying. This is America!”

Fans quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts on the situation, flaming the FedEx driver for her comments.

“Fedex, do better we are paying costumer .. hire people who want to work,” one user said.

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Another viewer replied: “The point of a delivery is for them to do the job, not us lol.”

Just hours later, the FedEx driver in question, Annessa222 on TikTok, apologized for her comments.

“I’m the woman in the video and I just wanted to speak on my side of the story. I pull up to this woman’s house and there are multiple cars in the driveway and her door is open. I went through the back of my truck… and all of a sudden everyone [in the house] is in the doorway,” she explained.

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“So I asked for some help and everybody just looked at me. I put it on the dolly and had to bring it up a curb. [Doing so,] I fell with the dolly and package. Im frustrated, it’s cold outside and I’m just trying to gather my thoughts.”

After a short back and forth, she ended up saying the racist comment and deeply apologized to the TikToker and FedEx. “I know better, I’m sorry,” she said.

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