Joey Swoll’s viral call out video causes gym TikToker to delete her account

TikToker deletes account after being called out by Joey Swoll for old man at gym videoTIKTOK: thejoeyswoll

TikTok user gwinie_the_pooh deleted her account after Joey Swoll blasted her for filming and mocking an old man at the gym.

Bodybuilder and coach Joey Swoll has made it his mission to correct what he refers to as “toxic gym culture.” On his page, where he boasts over 6.2 million followers, Joey regularly calls out people who film other people at the gym.

He recently made the headlines when he defended a man who was slammed by a streamer for asking if she needed any help with a gym equipment.

Now, the fitness influencer has blasted TikToker gwinie_the_pooh after she made fun of an elderly man for simply exercising.

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Joey Swoll calls out TikToker for mocking elderly man

In the gym-goer’s video, she recorded herself doing a workout at a gym. Behind her, the old man was seen kicking a punching bag.

After spotting him, the TikToker then zoomed in on the man, before zooming in on herself looking less than impressed. “What was that,” she captioned the now-deleted video.

In his TikTok, Joey played some of the controversial video at the start, before speaking out against the content creator.

“So now we’re making of the way an elderly man works out? Really? You should be ashamed of yourself,” he began in the 46-second clip. “And we wonder why people want filming banned in all gyms.”

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“To this woman, you owe that man an apology, and I really hope you’re accountable enough to do so,

“Otherwise, your gym should kick your ass out. You need to do better. Mind your own business,” he concluded in the video, which went viral with 1.7 million views.

In the comments, TikTok users agreed with Joey, and defended the old man.

“Mobility is so difficult for elderly people. Good for that man!” one user wrote. “That man was doing great! At this age to be punching and kicking? Legend,” another said.

“Dude’s keeping his mobility up. She’ll be lucky to even remember where the gym is when she’s his age,” a third shared.

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Shortly after getting called out by Joey and viewers for the video she posted, gwinie_the_pooh deleted her TikTok account.