FaZe Swagg shows off Nuke Squad’s new $7 million LA Mansion

FaZe Swagg in new mansionYouTube: Nuke Squad

FaZe Swagg and the Nuke Squad have moved into a ritzy new seven-bedroom Los Angeles mansion, and they showed off the entire space in a brand-new YouTube video. 

It was only a year ago that the Nuke Squad — comprised of Swagg, JSmooth, Santana, MoneyB, and Booya — moved in together for the first time, but the group has now made a major upgrade.

Moving up from their previous humble abode to a genuine mansion, complete with a basketball court and theater room, the team will now be operating out of a space big enough to hold their explosive personalities.

Swagg shows off Nuke Squad’s new Mansion

Swagg kicked off the tour by showing off the ridiculous interior of the bottom floor. Featuring a living room couch big enough to fit all six of the current residents, the leading man was over the moon with the new digs: “I love how modern it is, I love the black and white vibes.”

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He continued around the place, taking time to highlight an outdoor patio and grilling space, and the walk-in pool + hot tub combo in their turf-covered backyard.

FaZe Swagg in new LA MansionYouTube: Nuke Squad
Swagg and the boys will be enjoying their free time in style now .

This all might seem like a lot for Faze to spend on a group of gamers, but the investment is well warranted.

The Nuke Squad exploded in popularity following the release of Warzone in 2020, and now the group has accumulated 300k subscribers and millions of video views along the way.

It looks like they won’t be the only ones living here though, as multiple times throughout the house reveal Swagg teased that someone new would be moving into the guest house in short order.

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