FaZe Swagg creates Warzone loadout to beat RAM-7 with slept-on AR

Jacob Hale
swagg in youtube video

The RAM 7 is one of the most popular meta weapons in Warzone right now, but Swagg has found a new assault rifle that might be able to challenge its place in the rankings — and barely anybody is using it.

The long-range meta in Warzone has been fairly open since the MW3 integration in December, with a range of predominantly LMGs, sniper rifles, and battle rifles being the go-to for players looking to take down enemies across Urzikstan.

Most recently, the RAM 7 has become supremely popular. While it might not have the range of some of its competitors, the high fire rate and damage make it a brilliant weapon to utilize.

However, if you’re looking to break out of the RAM cycle, Swagg’s understated M13 might just do the trick.

Swagg M13B class

The M13B isn’t often seen around Urzikstan or any of the Resurgence maps, not exactly a popular pick, but Swagg has built a loadout for it that might actually be able to deal some damage and push into the meta. Here’s how he decks it out:

  • Muzzle: Casus Brake
  • Barrel: 14” Bruen Echelon
  • Optic: Aim Op-V4
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Heavy Support Grip
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mag

The gun is pretty easy to control with a decent fire rate, and while it won’t break any metrics in that regard, it can certainly hold its own in gunfights at pretty much any range.

As always, while we recommend trying classes like these, it’s worth nothing that what works for pro players might not work best for you, so you could try switching out certain attachments to better match your playstyle.

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