FaZe Jarvis banned on Twitch following DCMA claim

Eli Becht

FaZe Clan member Jarvis ‘Jarvis’ Kaye has been banned on Twitch after receiving a DMCA (digital millennium copyright act) takedown.

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The popular FaZe Clan Fortnite streamer was banned on Friday June 28, but only found out about it on Monday July , when his brother alerted him that he’d had his account removed after playing copyrighted music on his stream.

Twitch informed Jarvis that his account had been banned on Friday, June 28, explaining that he had been suspended for playing music without clearance on [date}

“Jarvis has been banned on Twitch…” tweeted his brother and fellow FaZe member Frazier ‘Kay’ Kaye. “We’re trying to fix it.”

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Usually, Twitch will just mute your VoD after the fact when you listen to copyrighted music, but we have seen outright bans happen in the past.

The most notable example of this is when TSM member Daequan Loco was banned right before the start of Fortnite Friday due to a copyright violation.

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How long is Jarvis banned for?

Daequan’s ban was initially just 24-hour suspension, but it was overturned the same day it happened, so he was still able to participate in the tournament.

There was no such luck for Jarvis, as, despite this being his first offense, he too was suspended for 24 hours on Friday, June 28.

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Kay confirmed to Dexerto that Jarvis was banned on June 28 but he remains banned despite the deadline being up.

He told Dexerto they are in talks with Twitch right now to potentially get the ban overturned, especially considering it should have been lifted by now.

YOUTUBE:FAZE JARVISFaZe Jarvis hasn’t been part of the team for long.
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Jarvis joined FaZe Clan in April and it sure didn’t take long for him to find himself in hot water with Twitch.

We will keep you updated with Jarvis’ ban as more information becomes available.

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