Is Faze Banks starting a new company? Cryptic post sparks rumors

Virginia Glaze

FaZe Banks has ignited speculation that he may be starting a new company after becoming CEO of FaZe Clan and firing everyone on staff.

It’s no secret that FaZe Clan has been through the wringer over the past year.

In February 2023, the company laid off 20% of its workforce after its stock price dropped below $1 in value. Arguments between FaZe’s content creators and staff went viral, with the likes of FaZe Rain and FaZe Banks lashing out at leadership in a string of viral posts on social media.

Later that year, FaZe Banks became CEO of the prominent esports organization — and subsequently claimed all his staff were “fired.”

FaZe Banks instagram post

Since then, FaZe Clan hasn’t exactly been in the limelight… and it looks like Banks is now focusing on other ventures, if his latest tweets are anything to go by.

FaZe Banks teases new “media platform”

On March 8, 2024, Banks tweeted an image of a CryptoPunk NFT of a red-eyed, zombified man wearing an eyepatch and a cap.

“New profile pic, probably nothing,” he captioned the post.

On March 10, he retweeted a short video from an account called ‘probablynothing,’ which showed a series of aesthetic images including the Windows XP default background.

While it’s unclear what ‘probablynothing’ is at first glance, other tweets from Banks claim that it’s likely a “content / media platform.”


That’s not all; in a heated response to a critic, Banks also confirmed that ‘probablynothing’ isn’t a “memecoin or any sort of mint of any kind,” despite comments speculating the contrary.

FaZe Banks uploads first vlog in years

Later on March 11, the probablynothing Twitter/X account posted a twelve-minute vlog filmed by Banks – his first in a number of years.

This vlog marks the first of many upcoming videos from Banks in a series called CTV, and thus far, they appears to be mostly about cryptocurrency and NFTs (and the eye-popping profit he makes off them).

For now, it’s still unclear exactly what Banks has up his sleeve — but that’s not stopping commenters from thinking it’s related to cryptocurrency in some way, especially given his prolific profile of NFTs.