Banks reveals David Dobrik’s plans to pay back $100k for Bored Bunny NFT scam

faze banks and david dobrik side by sideInstagram: banks/YouTube: David Dobrik

After calling out David Dobrik for his involvement in the $6m Bored Bunny NFT rug pull, FaZe Banks has spoken with the YouTube star about it and revealed that Dobrik is planning to pay back the money he earned for promoting the failed NFT project.

With the wild growth of NFTs in recent years, with the most popular ones selling for millions of dollars, we’ve seen some of the top influencers getting involved in the Web3 space and looking to cash in.

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Some, such as Banks and Logan Paul, have made a lot of money from NFTs, and have become fully immersed into the space.

On the other hand, you regularly see influencers promoting NFT projects despite having shown no interest in them in the past, having been paid some serious cash to advertise their project.

Just days after calling out Dobrik for his involvement in the scam, Banks started posting to his Instagram story to say that he’s hashed things out with Dobrik and that they’re figuring out a solution.

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While they spoke for Dobrik’s ‘VIEWS’ podcast, the episode has not yet been released, and Banks gave some insight in his Instagram story.

“This Bored Bunny project approached David and offered him somewhere in the ballpark of $100,000,” he explained. “These guys ran off with however much money that made on Bored Bunnies, David got paid, and people got f**ked, which is just all bad … Ultimately, he was paid $100,000, somewhere in that ballpark, and he’s ready and willing to redistribute that money back into the ecosystem.”

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Confirming that Dobrik plans to re-invest the $100,000 he earned back into the space, either through paying back Bored Bunny owners or through other means, the YouTube star is clearly looking to clear his name in the NFT space.

It sounds like Dobrik is more educated on NFTs now, and should have a better understanding of what he should and shouldn’t do — even if he’s being offered six-figure sums to promote them.