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FaZe Banks admits that he would do a brand deal with this shocking company

Published: 18/Nov/2018 2:06 Updated: 18/Nov/2018 2:18

by Virginia Glaze


In a hilarious Twitter conversation with Drama Alert host KEEMSTAR, FaZe content creator Ricky Banks admitted that he would do a brand deal with the condom brand Trojan – “no questions asked.”

This hilarious moment arose after KEEMSTAR Tweeted a picture of YouTuber Toby ‘Tobuscus’ Turner advertising one of Trojan’s water-based lubricants on his Instagram account.

KEEMSTAR roasted Turner in a series of Tweets, claiming that the YouTuber’s career was “over” due to the scandalous ad.

“Dear Daniel, your career is over, you must leave the Internet now!” KEEMSTAR wrote, followed by, “(Please send me this tweet if I ever promote LUBE to pay the bills).”


FaZe Banks responded to KEEM’s roast by admitting that he would partner with the company if given the chance.

“I would 100% do a brand deal with Trojan, no questions asked,” Banks replied.

KEEMSTAR answered this statement by telling Banks that he could borrow money if he needed to – implying that Banks would have to be broke to agree to such a brand deal.

“Dude, just text me,” KEEM said. “I can loan you money, no prob.”

While Banks replied with a good-natured laugh, many commenters didn’t appear to see a problem with the hypothetical partnership.

Tobuscus himself went dark in spring of 2016, after allegations of sexual assault surfaced against him by a former girlfriend, April Fletcher. Fletcher accused Turner of both emotional abuse and rape – claims that he vehemently denied in a YouTube response video.