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CouRage provides hilarious response to Dwarf Mamba’s proposal to Ariana Grande

Published: 18/Nov/2018 0:09 Updated: 3/Apr/2019 21:20

by Virginia Glaze


Internet personality and comedian Evan ‘Dwarf Mamba’ Eckenrode asked out American singer-songwriter Ariana Grande in a hilarious Tweet – and streamer CouRage had an even funnier response to the post.

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Dwarf Mamba jokingly referenced his height in the Tweet, calling Grande “almost legally a dwarf” due to her own height of 5’0 in an effort to swing a date with the singer.

“Hey Ariana Grande, you’re 5’0, almost legally a dwarf, and I’m 4’2, an actual dwarf,” Mamba wrote. “So… looks like we already have something in common! Dinner? On me 😊”

Mamba’s Tweet was met with a wave of jokes, including a popular line from Grande’s new single, “Thank you, next.”


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However, one of the more notable responses came from former OpTic streamer and caster CouRage, who implored Mamba to let him have a shot, first.

“Dude, ‘cmon,” CouRage wrote. “Lemme get my chance first.”

Other commenters speculated that Mamba had Tweeted at Grande due to pressure from YouTuber Logan Paul, who has featured the comedian in several of his vlogs and prank videos.

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This instance would mark even more speculation against Paul, who recently admitted to being a flat-earther during a speech at the 2018 Flat Earth International Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Some viewers felt that his speech was merely a stunt for an upcoming vlog, as one photo of Paul at the Conference venue shows him with a cameraman and a ‘truth’ sticker pasted to his forehead. While Paul has yet to make a statement on the speech through social media, he did retweet Mamba’s ‘shot’ to Grande, further implying that Paul may have had a hand in the fiasco.


Ariana Grande has yet to respond to Mamba’s proposal.