VTubers taking over Twitch: Fastest growing VTuber channels to watch

Andrew Amos
Biggest VTubers on Twitch

VTubers are proving to be more than just an internet craze. The new wave of content creators has taken Twitch by storm since exploding in late 2020, and it doesn’t seem like slowing down. Here’s the best Twitch VTubers you should keep an eye on.

While VTubing ⁠— using a virtual avatar in place of a physical person while livestreaming and creating content ⁠— has been around for a couple of years, it wasn’t until Hololive EN got off the ground in late 2020 that the craze truly boomed.

Pokimane, PewDiePie, everyone was getting a piece of the pie. While it’s died off somewhat, some Twitch streamers have taken their communities to the next level after becoming a VTuber.

With new records being set daily, debuts happening every hour, and numbers going through the roof, here’s the best VTubers on Twitch you need to watch.

AdmiralBahroo VTuber
AdmiralBahroo (the panda, not the girl) has taken his content to the next level since becoming a VTuber.


The self-described “Panda VTuber” AdmiralBahroo is by far the biggest VTuber on Twitch.

While he was a popular variety streamer before, since his VTuber debut in April, his numbers have catapulted from just over 2 million hours watched in January to 2.5 million in June, according to data from Rainmaker (h/t StreamElements).

It finally put a face to AdmiralBahroo’s previously unmanned stream, adding a new layer of personality for the panda (and his taller, human companion).

Ironmouse VTuber
Ironmouse is the biggest member under the VShojo agency.


Unlike Bahroo, Ironmouse has been doing content as a VTuber since the beginning. Part of the VShojo circle, she started out in August 2017 before getting signed to the agency near the end of 2020 off the back of the boom.

The Demon Queen from the depths of the underworld is well-known for their singing streams, pumping out covers and originals for her fans to enjoy. She also does get around to playing some games with other members of VShojo, including Resident Evil and Black Desert Online.

Nyanners VTuber
Nyanners transformed her pink-haired persona into a VTuber in 2020.


Nyanners was already massively popular on YouTube for their song covers but exploded once she could take her pink-haired catgirl persona from just images to Live2D.

She debuted as a VTuber in July 2020, with under 100,000 followers. She now has over 540,000, with nearly 9,000 people on average tuning in every day for her variety streams. For long-time fans of the cover artist, they can also catch her performing some of her songs live.

She’s also a part of VShojo like Ironmouse, with the two of them typically collaborating with game nights and other events.

Zentreya VTuber
Zentreya is one of the more innovative VTubers out there.


Rounding out the VShojo trio on Twitch is the half-dragon Zentreya. Her quirky speech-to-text-to-speech (making her sound like Microsoft Sam or Mary) style piqued the interest of many on Twitch, tripling her hours watched since January to 435,000, according to Rainmaker.

She often streams games like Apex Legends as well as her Dungeons and Dragons campaign (where you can imagine how the text-to-speech works), which only adds to the hilarity of her broadcasts.

NimuVT is one of the biggest Latin American VTubers.


NimuVT is a new addition to Twitch, having only debuted on the platform in April 2021. However, since starting out with around 2,000 average viewers a stream, they have catapulted to nearly 4,000 viewers daily.

The Argentinian VTuber is one of the biggest from Latin America, with 1 million fans combined across YouTube and Twitch, breaking into the top 10 of the platform.

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